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I recently had a number of tooth extractions and fillings and was referred by my dentist to affordable dentures in yakima washington for my partials..I was finaly able to get an appt. 8 weeks later on dec. 3rd at 8:30 am...I actually saw the licensed dr. (Dr. Goosse) for less then 3 mins during the entire process which continued until almost 5:15 that evening..(.the office was full of people like herds of cattle at a stock sale the entire time.) I witnessed several heated arguments during this course of time between various staff and disgruntled customers...which should have been a clue!! By the time I received my partials, (5:00pm) the dr. At the facility had left for the day so he wasnt even able to oversee the resualts or fit...the top partial DID NOT even come close to the palate of my mouth..there was an obvious gap of almost a full 1/2 inch between palate and top partial...I expressed concern but was told by his asst. That I needed to wear them and give them a chance and that I would be able to get them adjusted up to 2 times...well...I tried..I could not drink anything because the fluid would fill between my dentures and palate ,and it would rush out after swallowing and choke me with an unexpected rush of the fluids being expelled towards the back of my throat...then trying to eat with them was even worse with food packing and sliding under the entire plate!! I was whistling when I talked.. ( and before this, I COULD NEVER WHISTLE...and I am over 60 years old! ) I called the office and was told that the earliest I could be seen to address the issue would be dec.14th at 10:00a.m....I took that appointment!! I arrived an hour early and at 11:15 I finaly was escourted to an exam room where the issues were addressed to the dental asst. Who then went and got dr. Goosse...he entered the exam room with QUITE an attitude! He began yelling at me and had the nerve to say.."you people" think you are so "entitled"..with YOUR insurance, "you get what you get!"...I tried to explain what my issues were but he was NOT having it...again, he had the ignorance to refer to me as being "entitled"...(a term I feel is full of hate and uncompassion...extremly judgmental and degrading) I asked about the advertsed free adjustments and again was told I was lucky to get what I got and that my insurance had already paid for them...I informed him at that point, that if he wasnt going to even look at them or THE FIT (lack thereof) that I wasnt keeping them!! He reached for my mouth to remove them and take them back...I told him not to touch me (at that point) I instead removed them myself ....he reached to take them and I said "no, not without something from him stating that they had been returned and accepted back by him! He lost his mind!! I was yelled at called humiliating names..called me a" welfare rat" and told me he didnt have to give me any thing to acknowlege receipt of the dentures! At that point I requested copies of the bill and payment by my insurance to his business...he yelled and stomped out of room then started yelling from back of building that the request was absolutly none of my business that he did not have to give the requested info to me...I replied back .."what?? It's MY insurance!" I went to front desk (and of course everyone in the place had heard at least part of this hummilating ,degrading , ignorant , unprofessional conduct...) I got a statement from the front asst. Acknowledging the receipt and acceptance of the dentures...with dr.goosse still carrying on ..(.I still want to express that he NEVER DID even look in my mouth to even see first hand the issues ...and he blatantly refused to try to fix...adjust...or even see or address the problem...) he did finally tell his asst. To give me the insurance information I had asked for...and sure enough, they were paid in full by my insurance on dec. The 11th..I have NEVER experianced such a tramatic experiance ....I was humiliated...yelled at...refused service to...degraded by prejudices and called hateful names full of contempt and intended to "cut me down"... I actualy felt as tho a blatant hate crime had been committed upon me!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I would contact an attorney if I were you. I would have lost my cool early in the visit, given your experience. I hope you found a reputable Dentist in the end!


I would contact an attorney if I were you. I would have lost my cool early in the visit, given your experience. I hope you found a reputable Dentist in the end!

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