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I am a 39 year old first time denture wearer, I had 21 teeth extracted at one time, I have dealt with the fact that I no longer have my teeth, and how my face look without them, very depressing actually, however, i no longer have pain, and for that i am happy, I looked forward to having dentures to replace my natural teeth, so i went into Affordable dentures, they were so nice and friendly, however i had problems with the denture they made me, I know they are temps and my gums needs to heal and they will shrink and all, however it took a week for them to actually get the right fit, my dentist put a softline on the bottom denture and I was estatic, I just couldnt eat with them in because they hurt, but I was so happy to have those teeth in my mouth that I really didnt care about eating, my dentist called me on sunday asked me how they were holding up, i told her the only problem was when i ate, she told me to come in at 7:30 the next morning. I went in she made new dentures and they was horrible, the bottom was too big (the teeth) I never got to see them in my mouth when she did the so called try in, because she was trying to fix them, she said she didnt like them, she make another mold i guess and told me to come back, when i returned, she tried them in again and they hurt, she had to work on them again, so i still didnt get to see them in my mouth, however i told her the teeth was too big, and she said they wouldnt look like that once they are done, she told me to come back at 4pm, when i returned, she tried them on and they didnt fit right she did some adjustments and this time I saw them in my mouth, the top denture was ok, i got what i paid for like she said, the lower denture teeth was just too big, i told her this and she replied by saying that i should have said something at the try in, first off, i never got to see them in my mouth because she was rushing and couldnt get them right, everytime i went back it was always something wrong where she had to do some work on them so i never got the opportunity to see them in my mouth, I would have just preferred for my old dentures the way they were she said no, because i couldnt eat with them, however now I can barely talk, she shaved my bottom teeth on the denture, which provided alittle comfort but they are still too big and I cant eat with these as well, now she blame me and wants to give me a refund, (the mouth is not made to fit the denture, the denture is made to fit my mouth), I told her not to give up on me, I would never give up on her, simply because she called me to see how my denture was holding up, thats when I knew that I had a dentist with a heart, I left the office on Monday my denture hurt when i eat, and I have few sore spots, I have decided to give her space until friday, but i will call first to make sure she's not busy, there is only 1 dentist, lab tech, and there was 1 assistant for over 20 patients that needed dentures and extractions.

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You didn't say which office you were seen in. It sounds like the same one I just visited.

She put her personal life before he office and patients.

I had my fist partial made 8 years ago at Affordable. It was much better quality. However, this one has acrylic so thin that the metal shows in places. The razor thin edges are cutting into the tops of my cheeks. My regular dentist said there is no hope for it getting better because of the poor quality. It is cheap. How disappointing.

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