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By all means stay away. The man James K Thorton is his name.

He's rude very disrespectful & unprofessional. Screams at the elderly that are hearing impaired he called her deaf (she is not) she has good hearing aids. It's called hearing impaired. If things don't go the way HE wants them to he carries on like a fool.

She can hear but the denture fitting he was doing fell down when he told her to open her mouth wide and that's when he blew his cork. She tried to tell him it would but he wouldn't even let her speak. Went wild and furious screaming out of the room, yelling she's deaf? Not my Nana's fault.

She did as told but his work was so lousy and he had a tantrum. Everyone in the building heard him. People in the other patient rooms and a lady sitting in the cool A.C. waiting room left to go sit in a hot car in the parking lot.

That man needs some temper management sessions. Never go there unless you like to be verbally abused like my Nana. His nice staff is holding that business together. He's not.

He's mean to them too. Time to retire old man.

Oh, and the special premium dentures are not worth it. Construction is poor.

Monetary Loss: $1375.

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I sure am having a problem with Affordable Dentures in Myrtle Beach SC. My dentures do not fit.

They made the bottoms too small and too short, (looks like I have no bottom teeth when I smile. They are painfully cutting into my gums and when I went for adjustment (luckily I got his assistant) he adjusted what he could and told me there was not enough denture left to make more corrections with. Well, that is their fault. Top if off they gave me white teeth and I ordered natural.

Staff tried to say those are the natural. NOT! (I have witness for that too). I got screamed at by the man (if you can call him a man) he's a bully and I jumped when he screamed at me and my insides shook.

He got all angry when the top dentures dropped down. I tried to tell him that would happen but he kept saying to look into his eyes and don't speak, in a nasty attitude was. He screamed so loud everyone including in the waiting room heard him, (I have proof of that). I got all teared up.

I have never been screamed at by anyone, that loud. He left the room screaming "I can't work with her, she's deaf!" I certainly am not deaf. He spoke fast and lowed his voice. When asked to please speak up he told me,"N0, I talk all day and if I speak up I would be hoarse!" No no no, that's from his temper tantrums from screaming at people.

He is a belligerent hot headed old man. Very hyper. So, well over one thousand dollars I have nothing but my old dentures to wear. If I go back there I will scream at him like he did me and let him know what I think of him too.

My lawyer wants me to take him to court and I just might. He's all greed and miserable. He will get his one way or another. This man is a nut case.

Do not ever go there. His prices are up because word has gotten out and his clientele has gone down. I have to speak at a senior citizen meeting.

Many will be told about this. They won't go to him and neither will they people at my church or their friends.

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