Sarasota, Florida

I had work done at Affordable Dentures and was only price conscious . I didn't think comfort and quality. The partial they broke within 8 weeks. The staff is Rude and condoscending. The dentist was not interested in his patients well being. This week I found another local dentist and used a discount dental plan. The cost was even better than the Affordable Denture office and the dentist was a true believer in patient satifaction.


DO NOT GO to Affordable Dentures if you want a decent dental experience. Find a discount plan and you'll even find similar prices as they charge.

Thanks for listening.

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Wow thanks for the heads up I was planning on going there but can I ask where you ended up going? Thanks


What was the new place you went to if I might ask


why didn't you list who you eventually went to if it was so great?

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