Greeley, Colorado

We went to affordable dentures in Longmont, Colorado. They had excelent service and bedside manners .

i have been in denistry all my life I know how hard it is to fit dentures.My moms denture fit perfect. Her dentures were so worn done she didn"t have any teeth to chew with. She is 78 I really thought it would be immpossible for her to be happy. She is so excited they fit instantly and only the lower denture needed adjustment.

Great office , staff.The dentist was very professional. This ended up being a positive appointment. It has changed my moms life forever. We are so grateful.


Give Longmont office a chance. We are sure glad we went their.

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January 6, 2011 I went to the Longmont location. The quality of service from Susan, Andrea, Megan, and Dr.

Schneider was incredible. The were very forthcoming in what I should expect. The price I paid was exactly what they said it would be. I was skeptical because of the many complaints I've read online.

I'm grateful I experienced the quality professionalism, care, and courtesy the staff showed me.

I'm adapting to my new smile now and truly loving it. I highly recommend Longmont Affordable Denture to anyone.


Once they get your money you'll never hear from them again, even if you buy their package. When they rip your teeth out like it is a marathon race, you will have bone burrs sticking out everywhere.

These burrs hurt like *** if anything hard like a denture touches them, which means you are not going to wear the denture. They will tell you that it will go away, but research and you'll doctors first do a "quality" tooth pull, and shave any burrs, skin early on.

You'll get some patronizing, condescending "adjustment" *** and sent on your way. Nor will they fix all these bone burrs, skin, cartilage that makes it impossible to wear their *** dentures because they hurt like ***.


I dealt with Andrea for all of the admin-related items -- and she handled everything that I needed quickly and efficiently. She was a pleasure to work with and provided excellent customer service and a great experience overall.

I would highly recommend this location to anyone! :)


I agree. Affordable Dentures in Longmont, CO

has great service and super staff.

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