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I now truely understand you get what you pay for. This clinic lets you choose the package that best fits your needs.

They have several to choose from. I chose the Ultra, best one, also most expensive one. I thought it would be best to get the best that they offered. I now feel no matter which one you choose at this location, there all the same.

??? Just my opinion. There is not enough space here to tell entire horrible story, so long story short I purchased lower dentures. They are way too big.

I look like a bucket mouth is the only way I can think to describe with them in. I eat & talk better without them. I'm now seeking a better place to go for better business.

So for now I avoid people I know, unable to talk while facing anyone, & I'm just barely hanging on to keeping my job due to I need to talk a lot to people & look at people when I talk. Not having lower teeth has killed my sales at work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Entire process from start to end.

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Your first mistake was getting all your lower teeth pulled. Probably did it to "save money."

Your second mistake was going to a corporate chain clinic to get dentures made.

Probably also did that thinking your would "save money." But these cheap denture places take all sorts of shortcuts.

Denture patients never listen to advice. When told it will take a minimum of five appointments, over more than a month of time, and cost about $3500 to get a decent pair of dentures, most patients say I am crazy and go to clinics like this, thinking they are getting a real deal.

Now you know what you get- dentures with a lot of important steps skipped.

@Seasoned Dentist

Thank you for your comment & advice. Good advice for others considering teeth replacement. Do your homework, find the best, save money & only use the best.


After my last post on March 20th I went back to Affordable Dentures & Implants in Mesquite TX to give them the opportunity to hear me & tell me if they could resolve issue & make my new lower denture fit. They were very nice.

They listened to my concerns, and my story of going without them for 2 wks. To my surprise they made them fit comfortably & they look great. I was also reminded in six months, maybe 12 months I will need to come back in & get a alignment done so they fit better & stay comfortable. For now they are fine, I'm still adjusting, but they look great & feel great.

I still have some sore spots in my mouth when I eat certain foods, but it's getting better. I still advise having teeth pulled or extracted be done somewhere else. The dentist at this location is not very personable, & the low price of extractions is for good reason. Not sure what the stuff in the mask is that other dentist used on me at other dental offices "laughing gas?" This was not offered to me here.

He simply numbed my mouth, started pulling, had to stop due to I was feeling pain, injected more stuff to numb my mouth "shots" Well it was horrible. There also not polite or seem to care if they send you out with stuff on your face or looking pitiful. Be prepared, you will be rushed out quickly after procedure is done. They offered no mirrow so you can see you new teeth, or offer anything to clean your face with.

It's the little things they forget here that make you want to come back. But other than this I'm satisfied with my new lower denture in the end. At first I was not.

I'm glad I went back & gave them the opportunity to finish what I started. I saved a lot of money going here.

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