Phoenix, Arizona

Affordable Denture is not capable at providing well fitting prosthetics because the system used is not taught in any college or tech. School.

The national standards are spelled out clearly in the Air Force manual. I was a tech and I was let go because I spent more than 20 minutes on a persons smile, way to eat and confidence. I am proud to be fired from Affordable Denture. If you want a simple distorted denture that won't function well with a limited tooth selection buy an Affordable Denture.

After all this is a purchase that can last twenty years so you are wise to go to a place where you can't schedule an appointment. You can stand in line for more adjustments than standard, spending more of your time. Think of the fun when the denture falls out during dinner, birthdays, church. Well after fighting for a place in line you might just save more when another *** knocks your teeth out.

An old woman in her 90's was shoved down at the office in Albuquerque. Not a week later a man was hospitalized because of a misunderstanding in line.

I am a dental lab tech with a formal degree. I know what is valid work and their are standards, go stand in line and avoid every standard.

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Wow!! fired emplyee complaint

and someone else who thinks he understands what the purpose of a PC is.

Incompetent leading ignorant


All the Affordable Dentures offices need to be closed due to the fact they are all about the money and Nothing else.They could care less if the partials fit or not.Once they have your money it over.The standards of care at these offices are out the window.Most states offices of Dental Examiners have rules that these offices operate under due to the facts they are Professional Corporations.The letters P.C. behind the dentist name limits their Liability.Please look up this in your state.

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