Round Rock, Texas

WON'T RECOMMEND THIS PLACE - staff treat you like cattle. The staff treats you like a child and will not listen to you and state "I told you" etc. They treat the customers like children and even made my friend cry.

Long wait when they ask to come in for adjustements before 10 :00 a.m. and won't take you in order. Waited over 2 hours for a liner.

The Dentist if great, but his staff do not provide customer service and since the older people tend to go to this Dentures, they treat them horrible and abbusive and blunt.

Also, when you paid up front for the dentures and go back for adjustment, liners they have you money and don't care how long you wait or tell you you have to wait or come back another day. ' DONT NOT ARE ABOUT CUSTOMER"

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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went to affordable dentures for new ones, but now I cant eat, when I tried to tell the dentist what might be wrong he told me to be quiet he was talking, I asked them to make another pair but they said no I could get my money back by july well if I did that I would be walking around with out any teeth, so now I am on a diet!! funny thing the lab teck tokd me what was wrong but he did not want to know, :cry


I've been there several times in fayetteville, and my experiences have been OK. I'm sure that as many people as they see, literally 1000's, there will be some who are not as satisfied as me. But overall, I think they're ok.


:grin Go they are really good at what they do , They are very skilled & Care a lot about you ! I got upper & lowers both & they are so pretty & fit perfect. Thank You Affortable Dentures !!



I had an excellent experience with this place in Daytona Beach, Florida. I am 62 and haver worn full uppers and lowers since an accident when I was 19 - 43 years.

I know more about dentures than most dentists.

The place was great - no suprises - said I would have to be there at 7:30am and would leave with my teeth at 3:00pm. That is exactly what happened. Best fit I have ever had - even from dentists who charged me twice as much money! Almost perfect right out of the gate - one high spot that I took down myself with my dremel.

First place I ever saw a dremel was at a dentists.

Will be going back for sure if I screw up again. Why I needed newbies it that I dropped my others and cracked them in half on the tile in the shower.


meant to say they definitely DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PATIENT>>>


They have an oh well attitude. They definitely do listen.I kept trying to tell them that mine are wrong and all the dentist says is " Well thats just the way they do them here.

I can say something but I doubt it will do any good, they insist on doing them this way." Well who is paying for these, ME and I want them to be what I need. Been back four times just to get fitted for the better partial.

And definitely will be back alot more times.Told them today that I guess I need to put up a mail box. Talking about the one in Fayetteville NC.

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