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Stay away from this chain of assembly line teeth makers. I knew from the moment they put in the wax set that they werent right.

But was told, its because they are set in wax...wait for the real ones. Okay so next day I go back and yeppers !! I didn't lose sleep over this for no reason....they are ugly. I look like bucky buck tooth.

How this could happen when they had the denture I'd been wearing is beyond me. All they did was pour the goop onto the old one...shoved it in my mouth...and made a higher, more gummy, long toothed version of my upper...with little to no groove to fit over my gums. When they put them in I said they are crooked...and he argued with me. They are crooked.

They don't fit and I look like an ***. I can't purse my lips and the front teeth rest on my lower lip. All I can is they look like ***, feel awful and I wish I had seen these complaints before I went !! I was too embarassed to let anyone see i took em out when I got in the car...put in the old ones and have made an appt to go somewhere else.

Out $465 bucks !! Don't bother to get NADA !!

Monetary Loss: $465.

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Too long of a wait an all day process.Go back a week later and the same waiting game just for an adjustment.Bull *** I will not go back or suggest anyone to do so!!!!!! :(


my girlfriend had work done there not to long ago. she had a tooth removed.

before that she had dentures made through them which those who have them know how expensive they are. she had three teeth that fell out on the front of the set, one tooth twice on the left side and the other on the right. now she is in the process of going back for the second time to get the rest of the tooth that they left in her jaw that she had no inclination of it being in there until she was able to get a good look at it. In my and her opinion as a general dentist we are pretty sure that you learn the basic rudiments of removing a tooth.

I wonder how this one individual has kept his job.

What you should know, don't go there for any dental related inquiry's.


This was the worst day of my life. The reason it is called affordable dentures is because the company cant afford to hire a dentist that knows what they are doing.

I arrived at the location at 8 a.m. and did not leave until 4:45. After i was almost choked to death when they molded my teeth, i waited many more hours until i finally received my partial denture. And what a surprise it did not fit at all.

Then they tried to fix it and continued to put their profession to shame.

They finally gave me a refund and should have doubled the amount i received back for the terrible day they put me through. You would be better off seeing if the KFC, Taco Bell, or Wendy's next door knows anything about teeth.


Worst experience ever


I have had ther wrose two years of my life after having my teeth pulled and dentures made by this denture chain, I had no idea the pain and suffering I have been thru is because of these dentures!! I have developed TMJ, my neurologist found, sent me to a dentist who informed me that my dentures are horrid, too big, my facial muscles are overcompensating and over working, I have pain in my right eye due to the TMJ I have developed from ill fitting teeth, My upper lip has stretched terribly.

He said no if's and's or but's, I need new dentures and any dentist is going to tell me that. I spent 2400 on a sleep study because the Dr.

thought it was a sleep disorder, it was not, it is all because of my ill fitting dentures. Headaches, facial pain, I am consulting a lawyer, and seeing what I can do, I did not know it was my teeth causing this, Tho I have known they were too long, people tell me all the time geez yer teeth are really unfair..the quick in and out dental place is not so affordable after all, I spent 2400 on sleep study, 357 on the dental consult today to find out I never should have put my trust in this type of place like Affordable Dentures..costingh me yet more and more money.

@Sherri Daughtery

did you ever talk to a lawyer?

@Sherri Daughtery

Did you ever contact a lawyer? If so, who, I'd like to sue them too! :(


The extractions went as well as could be expected, The healing dentures were as good as can be expected, but when it came down to the "permanent" dentures, they were made too big yet kept slipping and falling out.The technician said she filed too much off and the suction was lost and to use more adhesive.When asked to speak to the doctor,he looked at them and much to my surprise said it was the best he can do, take a refund for the uppers and find someone else to get them from. All we wanted were dentures that fit.

Where's pride in your work?

Customer satisfaction? Unbelievable!


I went to the Colfax office in Greensboro N.C. and that Dr.

Lambeth was a rude and a cold person. The commercial is very deceiving they charge you 25.00 for consultation and 85.00 for A *** X-ray which does not show your impression. They leave unsanatized instruments laying out around the dirty spit bowl. save your money and seek out responsible dental care.

They are frauds they use pencil for all their forms with all your personal information. I think that is illegal.


So far my experience has been pleasant. I dont think I was require to wait too long considering they dont take appts.

I had 7 teeth extracted and the pain was very minimal. The dentist, Dr Wilson, was a great guy and continually asked if I was okay while doing the extractions and when putting my "immediate" denture in.

I hope my next visit for my reline and then permanent is as good as the 1st one and I will be completely happy. I really have no complaints.


Consumer beware. I purchased my dentures here and was unhappy with them right from the start, but unfortunately there was nothing they could do to fix them.

The entire denture was bad. First I was buck toothed. Second, the teeth were too small. They had my previous denture ..

so I have no idea how they could make such a bad replica. In the end I had to pay for them or go without. Within a year my front teeth were off to the side of my mouth. Either they got my *** incorrectly, or the product they used to make the denture was inferior.

No way my gums shifted that bad after a simple replacement - NO pulled teeth! Now I'm looking at possible surgery due to the damage they caused.

I can't keep them in without fixodent, which I reapply every few hours. Please beware!!

@Tricia Petersen




I have been going back to the dentist for weeks my permanent dentures are being made they are just horrible WHY when they should look like the immediates which i love my dentist cant see that they look different the lab tec said he could see what was wrong and would fox the problem but they still look the same i just feel like crying any help will be great thanks.


i will let you know what happens im going to get dentures for the first time im a little scared i hope im not walking into a night mare


Im going to this clinic tomorrow for a set of partials. Ill keep you guys updated on how things go..


I too wish I had read some of these reviews. I went to the Affordable Dentures website to read teatimonials, and it wouldn't let me read any, I know why. I went to the Conover office, the "dentures" they made make me look like a bulldog. They trays used to make my impression were 2 sizes too big, and I had tears on the corners of my mouth from them, and I don't think they bothered to sanitize the trays because I started getting cold sores the next day.

Don't bother trying to get them to listen to anything, because they don't.

Fortunately I still have my old dentures

unitl I can get my dentist to make me a replacement. I wasted an entire day and $650, that could have went toward having

good ones made. I've worn dentures for 16 years and they told me I'd have to get used to the new ones, I know if something fits, but thats what they tell everyone. This chain of pseudo dentists should be shut down.

Buyer Beware.

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