Charlotte, North Carolina
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I had dentures made at Affordable Dentures in Charlotte. You are rushed through the same day process with a whole lot of people.

The last teeth I got had no suction on the top. I told the girl helping me over and over but she kept telling me I had to get used to them. I've used Fixodent since day one. They made several sets for me trying to satisfy and get rid of me.

One set had holes through the wax, another was cracked, one set looked like a jack o lantern, etc. It should have clicked when a waiting room stays full every day, there's a problem. Everybody in Charlotte does not wear dentures! The place should be checked by the health department.

I am currently looking for a dentist that will make impressions and send to a lab to have the teeth set correctly. I currently look like I'm holding a wad of tobacco/snuff in my mouth. My face even feels bruised.

Mama always said you get what you pay for something. She was right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Affordable Dentures Pros: Prices.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Scam to get your money, Damage that was done.

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To make a good denture, a dentist does not just "make an impression and send them to the lab to have them set correctly.

There is initial and final impression. There is face bow transfer and byte record.

There is a try-in, where the dentist modifies the lab's setup. FINALLY when phonetic tests are all done, and patient is satisfied, the denture can be turned into plastic. Even then several appointments of adjustments are usually needed. Does this sound like something that will cost $500 or so?

Not in the US, anyway.

So you see, you think it is so simple, so it should cost so little. Making dentures correctly is quite complicated. Because you have no idea how good dentures should be made, you will keep going to quacks.

If you want good dentures, you have got to go to a dentist who takes all the important steps. Don't look to find one in crumby chains that advertise.

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