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Just want to update you all on my small claims suit that I filed against Affordable Dentures, Cartersville, GA office. When I submitted my claim statement to the Clerk of the Magistrate Court, she told me they had 45 days to respond, and that I would get the signed statement of the day they were served (which I got).

I said on my previous complaint, that the day this office was served, they attempted to call the General Dentist that I had to go to (twice) to try to get this piece of *** they put in my mouth fixed (he did the best he could). I have not heard anything from the Magistrate Court until 2 days ago. Affordable Dentures had a law firm out of Atlanta file a motion to dismiss. As I was going through the paperwork, I thought this was their response that I had to answer; NO, the Magistrate Court dismissed the claim due to my failure to respond within a reasonable period of time.

What was I supposed to respond to? I never got anything from them, except the paper indicating they were served! Everything that was in the paperwork was nothing but LIES (even that I spelled the dentists name wrong, and it is not Affordable Dentures). Well, I will tell you, I got all this information off their business card; and I did not spell her name wrong, and certainly says Affordable Dentures (with address and phone #).

This attorney even said that the venue was wrong and needed to be changed!! Well, I don't know, but Cartersville, GA is in Bartow County, GA, and the office I went to was in Cartersville, GA. I didn't even get the opportunity to present my case with all of my evidence. It was dismissed, and I was not even aware.

Yep, this is the kind of company this is. STAY AWAY from Affordable Dentures nationwide, if you don't want waste your time and money, because there is no turning back if you do!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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Beware of Dr. Jefferson Sims;his surgical error caused an infection resulting in 4 day hospital stay and then he refused to complete denture reline/hardline services which he was paid in full and in advance ($7000)and changed his story with insurance company claiming that i was at fault...patients can not leave teeth in their own gums after extractions...still fighting for justice


I also had the most horrable experience ever.I had 26 teeth pulled at one time.and what was suppose to be a 30 min. proceidure took over 2 hours.

He got down to 4 final teeth to pull the needle he was useing, was not working so he looked at me and said that this was going to hurt, he then leaned over me and pulled them out as I felt all the pain. He then sent me home with no antibotice and when I returned with a severe infection, the other doctor on staff informed me that when pulling that many teeth, it's like having surgery and I needed the antibotics in the beginning. since then,there are so many bone fragments that I'm always in great pain,can't wear my dentures and can only eat soft foods.It has been over a year since this has happened and I'm still in pain and misserable.

Please feel free to e-mail if you get any answers. Thank you,


Try filing a complaint with the licensing board in GA. Thats what im going to do, i have an appt at affordable tomorrow, this will be their 3rd chance to get the fit correct, then im filing the complaint.

I would love to get eough people together to put a law suit against them and try to shut them down. I dont know how they've gotten away with this for so long!!


My experience was with the Milwaukee Office. I went for the snap on denture.

They placed two iplants in my mouth, a preformed temporary shoved in immediately with the front teeth off to the side and pushing out my lower lip.

The office refused to see me until enough time for them to collect their fee from Care Credit and then the dentist refused to even look in my mouth and refused any further service. After begging him to finish the work, I stupidly returned to the office only to be threatened that if I pursued any further dental work from them they would send their lawyers after me for fraud.

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