Fort Myers Beach, Florida
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do not go to the affordable dentists in ft. myers fl.

after they get your money, they do not care if they fit properly or not. you have to wait 2-3 hours to get in for an adjustment. the adjustment take a total of 2-3min. they will schedule you to come in 1=2 weeks for an adjustment.

if your mouth is sore and cannot wear your dentures, you cannot wait 1-2 wks. if you have an appt. you wait 1-2 hours,if no appt.

you wait 2-4 hours. if you value your time do not go.

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Was very dissatisfied, they do not explain all the details of the pricing, and do not answer when you ask questions. My bottom denture is too big and hurt and all they can say is, I need relining.

I felt rushed and treated like I was a nothing.

It has been 6 mos. and I still cannot wear my dentures, which leaves me very depressed.


Call consumer protection file a complaint


Dentures are prosthesis, as are artificial legs and arms. Dentists are taught about removable prosthesis (dentures) and fixed prothsis (crown and bridge).

All prosthesis require adjustments. Adjustments in no way reflect on the quality of the denture. Each patient is an individual, with their own structure. My experience with affordable dentures is that 97% patients are very happy with their dentures and experience.

No one touches the quality of these dentures for the price. The 3% that are dissatified, half wanted to slap their mothers for giving them life, thay are disguntled unhappy people, the other half are truly special need patient with difficult situations, loss vertical, compromised jaws etc. They should see a specialist. I have worked for Affordable Dentures in numerous offices and I'm comfortable referring friends and relatives.

I do find that the most disguntled patients are the ones we tell no, ie no narcotic refills, no the teeth are too sound to extract, no their request would be unethical, no the staff do not date patients, no you can not have my home number etc.

As for the Air Force technician that was an ex-employee, our lab techniques were orginally created by the US army and many Veteran adm Hospital refer to our offices as does many Charities. We provided Katrina victims with 2 million $ of dentures FREE of charge. Every day I try to make patients comfortable and happy with their chooices.

I and the staffs I've worked with, are daily thanked, hugged, and appreciated. Of course,I'm talking the 97%. Also, all the Affordables that I've worked with, do refund unsatified patients who want their money back in a reasonable amount of time.....if you wear the denture for a year, you have bought the denture.

The ADA recommends replacing a denture every 5 years, any one who suggests you wear a denture 20 yrs is recommending a bad bad thing....would you wear the same contacts, glasses, ??? even hip replacements have to be redone in 10 yrs.


You sure didn't work in Ft. Myers, Fl. :( I was not hard to get along with, and when I asked questions they rushed me out, like they didn't hear me) I am sorry I sent 5 people to you!


I understand what you are saying. I was there a few days ago for a soft liner the girl that took care of me was very rude.

Talk to me as if I was incoherent. Talked over me would not let me speak finally I ask her if it was my time to speak. It is not over there is consumer protection, license board for Dentist with unethical practice. They have my money like everyone else but they will produce me teeth that are wearable.

Because there are avenues to take. I would say to any one don't go there you would be better off to pay a little more and have follow up without being humiliated.

This is not my only issues with the place. Saving rest for proper authorities.


I went to the Affordable Denture in Suffolk, VA. and I am more than happy.

Someone said low quality dentures you should know that you get what is called your immediate denture while your gum heals then you receive your permanent dentures. It is expected that you return for adjustments when you have in your immediate dentures the fit is going to change as your gum heals. I paid for the Ultra Package love them and get so many compliments. I could have gone to a "dentist office" but it made more sense to me to go someplace where thats all they do all day is dentures.

The dentist that practice under the Affordable Denture name are all subject to the same rules and laws as other dentist.

It is not some low class clinic if your not happy and could not resolve a problem report them to the medical board in your state. Complaining on a website does nothing to prevent others from receiving what may be poor treatment.


With good dentures you dont need adjustments. Now they are infecting the west with their low quality dentures. Go away affordabe and take your low quality cheap dentures back where you came from.

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