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Ok, this place is widely known for having experts take down bad reviews, which is why they have a "wonderful" (e.g., fake) internet presence. My mechanic warned me about this place (he is an insider, but unfortunately broke his arm and so is in recovery).

I took my truck in for a repair and wow - the BS was flying. There are multiple owners and I guess they all need to rip people off so they can live high on the hog. When they told me what was "wrong" with my truck I laughed (inside, of course).

I later found out that this is how they do business. They pretend to work on the issue you brought your truck in for and then "find" things that are "needed".


Preferred solution: I would like them to know that not everyone is a moron when it comes to knowing a "real" from a fake repair and change their practices. I have told everyone I know about this place and many of them already know it is sketchy..

Advanced Auto and Truck Repair Pros: Location.

Advanced Auto and Truck Repair Cons: Dishonest practices, Lying to customers, Elevated pricing.

Location: 300 West Colfax Street, Palatine, IL 60067

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I could not agree more - thank you for writing this! I used them for awhile but found out that not only were the things they did to my minivan and charged me a lot for unnecessary - but also that they have been doing this kind of thing for years.

I am a single mom so being charged for stuff I don't need is especially painful. What I want to know is how on earth do they manage to get all of the bad reviews off of Yelp and other sites (I posted a few last year - they must have some inside knowledge of how to look amazing on the web while performing *** work in reality).

Just goes to show you not to believe most of what you read online. Glad to see some honest reviews on this website.

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