I have no credit. I've had bad things happened letting other people use my credit.

Why then should I get upset that there exist these high leasing charges, I mean after all, the company is taking a risk doing business with(anyone). Oh wait, people also pay high interest rates on homes and cars. Do you know anyone who pays for their automobile...cash(NO!) you probably pay a couple grand more! Same *** folks, stop complaining about these rates, read your contracts and be happy you can get *** period!

Its amazing how ignorant people are! It's only obvious that leasing furniture comes at a higher price people! THINK! IF you find yourself in a financial bind in your life, what do you think you will stop paying first?

Hmm...I know...your consumer debts(electronics, furniture, etc) Your homes and cars will get paid first I bet. And the banks know that.

Why do you think its easier for you to finance with the banks for loans pertaining to homes and cars? Stop ***, pay cash, or just use the program and be happy you got the *** you desire!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Leasing.

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