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I was short $300 on my credit card to buy the bed the "upsold" me on at Rooms to go. So they suggested I just put the whole mattress with Acceptance now and keep moving.

- I did. It took 3 hours in store to process a $1200 mattress. 3 hours. Yes.

- Then if your payment is due say on a Tuesday. They start calling you the day before on Monday. Your references WILL BE called if you don't answer. There is NO GRACE period as they put it.

So to *** them off for calling so much I always pay it about a week late... So since I did that a couple of times and I didn't answer the phone Friday 7/19 when they called they said they want the mattress back after I already paid $1k towards it. And I'm two days late on the payment. They suck.

The black guy calling me is rude. Crude and socially unacceptable with his cursing and yelling at me on my voice mail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sealy Mattress.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Acceptance Now Cons: Shady business practice.

  • Financial services
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"And I'm two days late on the payment" Here's what you do, pull your contract, show them the grace period that allows you to not pay on time and you're golden. This should be a slam dunk for you... Show them they are wrong...(Sarcasm Font).

Trey H

LOL... honestly I can't find the contract..


Being that the Rooms to go credit card is furnished by Synchrony (it should be Stink-Crony) bank is further reason to yell NOOOOOO!!! and run fast and far away as you can, as if your life depends on it!!


I was short $300 on my credit card to buy the bed they "upsold" me on at Rooms to go". Why did you let them "Upsell" you anything.

Just resist say "NO". Learn the power of "NO"!!

Never give in to aggressive sales tactics, you have nothing to fear by saying NO!! and just walking out of the store.

Trey H

now this is just a stupid statement. If I didn't want it I wouldn't have purchased it..

They didn't force me to do anything at rooms to go and this has nothing to do with rooms to go. This is about the finance company AcceptanceNow

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