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Fortunately I will be able to pay my balance off next month. The customer service is extremely rude and nosy.

They have an issue with a payment being not even 10 days late and never gave me an option to change my due date which would have made my payments be on time every month. It is not necessary to comment "Wow" on a payment that is not even 10 days late, as if it's so unbelievable that a payment is late. That is just rude and not having manners, of course I know it is not okay to make late payments but I don't call them with an attitude just because I can't change my due date and make my payment on time. They really need to rethink how they train their customer service reps.

I can't believe they actually hire people with these kind of manners. Although I am pretty sure they encourage their reps to be this way to pressure customers into making their payments at that very moment. Doesn't work on me though, I don't give a *** if they have something rude to say about me making my payment late, it will be made when I say I have the money because that's when I HAVE THE MONEY.

They have to know that the customers they have are not in the very best financial situation is it really that surprising that a payment might be late? Mind you my payments have been made every month, may have had some late payments but they were always made.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hi there, I work for Acceptance Now. We always want our customers to have a positive experience with us and we'd be happy to look into your concerns further so we can do our best to address them. Please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-422-8186 whenever you get the chance.

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