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Used them to get a sofa from Bob's. Lost my job and unfortunately had to start the process of bankruptcy.

Even though I told them numerous times my situation they continue to harass me and call millions of times a day. The worst part is that they harass whatever references you used. They will also come to your house and leave notices saying sorry we missed you. I know I am responsible, but harassing people is not the way to help the situation and its illegal.

They are not utilizing a collection process...

They are using mental abuse tactics and harassment. I say it's time to start a class action lawsuit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you started the process of bankruptcy all you have to do is provide them with your attorneys number and the calls will stop that is the law. You also can have the furniture picked up if it's not damaged.

The mistake most customers make is that they don't contact the store and explain the problem they will work with you if able. However you mentioned that collections came to your home they are only there to pick up furniture or receive payment. If they do arrive it's because the store has not been able to contact you.

That is why your references have been contacted. Trust me they really don't want to make these calls but it is there job.


What a complete pile of {{Redacted}}. Of course, in very typical habitual deadbeat fashion, you are an acknowledged legal expert, right???

YOU are late with YOUR payments! All the excuses do not matter...YOU ARE LATE! Paying on time is NOT optional because YOU signed and agreement to make payments on time. If you don't want their BILL COLLECTORS to call YOU and YOUR references, then pay YOUR bills on time!!!

YOU are NOT a victim here. YOU don't pay on time and YOU are causing the consequences.


Thanks for the comment. I was waiting for someone who works for them to respond.

Now everyone can see your true colors. Doesn't matter any way...

Soon you will have the sofa back. What can't be changed is your professionalism.


Why not offer an intelligent point-by-point rebuttal??? Typical sorry response straight out of the habitual deadbeat's handbook!


Well ok...i'll get a little intelligent on you Anonymous. Have you ever heard of an IP Trace?

Didn't think that you did either. They hold up wonderfully in court.


Hahahah!!! Shorty got your IP address because he's a hacker!

You've been owned, and now shorty can actually file charges against you.

Just think of all those people you harassed on here.

Just genius!


Dude got your IP,,,,,,LOL.


Shut up troll. Either offer a resolution or keep your judgement to YOURSELF & go talk your mess somewhere else.

If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem and nobody wants to hear your mouth.

I don't see you helping anyone with their bills so you are totally irrelevant. Shut the *** up


Wow. In everybody's business just to add insult to injury.

Get a life.

It's called, not you don't know anybody's backgrounds or lives personally so who EXACTLY do you think you are you anyway?