Nashville, Tennessee

They will call my cell, work and references 6 - 7 times a day. Last year I got a knock at the door.

There was a man standing there saying he was here to pick up payment. I said payment for what. He then proceed to let me know that he was with RAC Acceptance/Acceptance NOW and that if I didn't pay by tomorrow that he would be back. He got an ear full and an invite to come back for an a++ whooping if he stepped in my yard again with his threats and without calling.

On yesterday, November 12, 2015, they show up at my brother's house looking for our furniture.

My brother's house??? My brother was dumbfounded and so was I.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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lets help each other to close this company. this is my number 757-358-4942 Abraham (Ebrahim)


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We’d really like to look into this matter further.

Would you mind giving our Customer Care team a call at 1-800-422-8186, when you get the chance? Thank you.

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