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I was told that the sofa & dinette set I purchased in July cost more now to pay off then when I bought it!!!! I didn’t read the reviews before I brought the furniture.

But now my question is to any one is this against the law I pay 262.00 a month and only 14 .00 goes to Furniture The lady To night says to mE “Basically you Just giving us money ‘ I like to know where they do that at give away money????

I work and I’m a parent who has money to give away Can a class action lawsuit be filed? Does any one know

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You didn't state in your message where you opened your account? The program is very straight forward you are given options to pay off your account the longer you take to pay off the more interest you will pay.

Did you read your contract that you signed?

I HATE to see comments like this because it is a very honest opportunity people just don't pay attention to what they are signing or just don't care it really isn't a ripoff it's a business that is giving people an opportunity to purchase something that they readily couldn't afford or had no credit. Don't ruin it for someone that could and would benefit by bashing something you know was explained


One would think you people would take a few minutes to learn how finance works instead of coming to a public website to make a laughing stock out of yourself! That's OK, we need more laughter and humor in this world!

Interest is paid down according to an AMORTIZATION schedule.

The amount of each payment applied to principal becomes more and more as time goes on. After all the payments are made, you would have paid ALL the interest and ALL the principal and owe nothing. Of course, if you are a serial deadbeat and make late payments on such a high interest subprime credit loan, YOU will generate more interest for them. This is the way loans work!

That's why this is so funny!

You haven't "caught" them doing anything. You can stop whining about a C/A suit like habitual deadbeats do because you haven't the slightest clue as to what you're talking about!

Thanks for the laughs!!!


What an ***. Here a person a seeking help, not ridicule.

By your comment I don't think you know that much either. A class action lawsuit can be filed for non-disclosure alone.


A suit for what, because interest is part of the deal? I see you don't have a clue either! Straight out of the Deadbeat Handbook..."Always cry and whine about a class action lawsuit, especially if you haven't a clue about what you're talking about!"

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