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Hello I am a customer with RAC Acceptance in Arlington Texas. Up until February 7, 2013 I have been a satisfied customer, I discovered the payments I have been making to my account have not been completely applied to the lease to purchase merchandise.

I called the Arlington store to inquire about my remaining balance on my account (Thinking I owed a few hundred dollars as I have been paying on my account faithfully for almost a year). Lupe explained to me I have a balance around 1,300, I questioned the amount and she then explained how my payments are applied and I requested a payment form. Following that conversation, I have contacted customer care and waited for the district manager of that store to contact me. Mr.

Chris (last name unknown) did not return my call in the 24-48 hour time frame that the representative communicated to me. I then called the customer care line on 2/13/13 and spoke to another representative who read the notation on the complaint. The representative stated the district manager returned my call and left a message when in fact he did not. The representative then called the District Manager while I was on hold, he was connected in with me and I explained my concern to Mr.

Chris replied "well you signed a contract and we go by the terms of the contract and there is nothing we can do as far as the payments you have been making towards your merchandise". Mr. Chris was very rude and his tone was not someone that was concerned with a customer complaint and on top of that he did not apologize for the miscommunication of the sales representative he just said this sounds like “he say she say”. I explained that I read the contract terms and the payment options were not clear so I had the sales representative to break down the payment terms to me; in regards to the interest that would be applied to the merchandise.

The sales representative said my payments would be roughly around $160.00 and $20.00 of that payment would go towards the interest and the rest would be applied to the merchandise. Come to find out on 2/7/13 the payments are applied the other way around. There is no way I would have agreed to any terms such as this and would like for this issue to be addressed immediately. Mr.

Chris then stated “you signed the contract and that’s what were going by”. I then stated I will contact legal representation if needed to make sure there are no errors or misleading information in the contract. As I was speaking Mr. Chris cut me off; escalating his voice and insisted on speaking over me repeating the contract is legally binding so you can contact whoever you like; you’re just running your mouth and have them contact me as well.

I then stated that you’re a “District Manager” with management skills and you are not properly addressing my concerns and I will record this conversation if you continue to cut me off and speak over me and I want to speak with your manager. Mr. Chris stated you can call the customer care line back and let them know you did not resolve the issue with me and you want to speak to the Regional Manager ( He would not provide the Regional Managers name). I ended the heated conversation with Mr.

Chris and called the customer care number again and spoke to a representative by the name of Bell, explained the first initial complaint and then the conversation that I had with Mr. Chris. Bell gave me the Regional Managers name (Andy) and stated he would call me back in 24/48 hours. At this point I have not heard from anyone regarding these issues and have decided to document and inform other entities what has occurred over the past week.

Resulting to something as this was not necessary and this could have easily been resolved.

In the future I hope that RAC Acceptance Inc. can find a better system and method when it comes to customer service, issues and training staff to communicate terms of the contract payments properly to a customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

  • Sales process engineering
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