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Companies like these are the epitome of why our economy remains in the sad shape it is in. They supposedly are helping customers to build credit (in their own words),but what they are actually doing is tearing down your credit and making it difficult to do other things that require a decent credit score.

Acceptance Now should be regulated by federal government. There is nothing legal about their business practices. I am seriously considering filing a civil suit against them. Their contract is very shady and I'm not sure they had an attorney to review the language before they decided to use it for customer sales.

I advise anyone who does business with them to record the entire transaction for your own record. They don't have to know.

Reason of review: Shady business practices.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Acceptance Now Cons: Lied about purchase policy, Prices, Lied about return policy.

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The only way rent a center goes on credit, is when people run off with tjeir merchandise without paying, then they put it on someones credit..other then that, they do not report to credit or help build credit

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