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i went to purchase my bed room set in feb or 2013, i was told there was no interest charged so i thought that was a really good deal, i pay aroun 150$ a month, my bf got a tv from them around 170$ a month and i got my in laws a bed under my name and my father in law pointed something out, he askd why is only 20$ or that 170$ going toward to principle? i called them and askd why i still owed pretty much the same amount when i have made 6 pymnts of 150$ each month they said taxes and other fees?

100$ in taxes? thats outrageous!!!! i will never go to rac again after paying this stuff off!!

they are liars and the biggest rip off ever!!!!! no wonder they make you sign a paper about going to court if we have a dispute with each other they kno what they are doing is wrong, just dont think people are smart enough to find out!!!

Monetary Loss: $1565.

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Well, The fine print should have been read, but thats beside the point, they still ***. They've changed their policy, I bought my husband a recliner a couple of years ago and did'nt have the cash so I went thru RAC, I paid it off in a couple of months and was'nt charged anything extra.

I recently purchased a loveseat and went thru RAC, now they say you can make the minimum payment or pay balance in full but you can't pay anything extra!! :sigh RAC is'nt helping anyone except themselves!


She'd rather whine and complain because she didn't read the fine print. Lesson learned.


*** OFF, :grin


I think we all understand that Ashley Furniture with RAC Acceptence is a business and interest accrued is expected, but they ARE a scam. 1) They is No statement that explains the charges expected or additional changes.

No one can even put a name to the additonal charges.

2). There is no final price, it's open, I have no idea what I own. I keep records but we can never agree on the amount paid.

3) I use my debit card to pay; and what I pay is not taken out. For example, I paid 200.00 but 199.00 was taken from my checking account and no one could explain where it went.

4.) I told them my charges were wrong, they told me that once it is in the system it cannot be changed.

What? You're a furniture store not the government.


Rac Acceptance is a "Lease to Own Agreement" it says right on the contract. The amount of money you would end up paying if you stayed for the full length is located on the right of the agreement.

So if anyone has a problem with the "interest" its sad you hadn't read what you were signing.. I have used the program to help with my credit. Its expensive but HEY! What should people like us expect?

Oh you have bad credit here's ZERO % interest!

Com'on get real.


Hi Ashley, I work at Rent-A-Center and I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have the best experience with RAC Acceptance. Our Customer Care team would be happy to address this and look into the details of the agreement to see if there’s anything we can do to help.

Please give them a call at 1-800-422-8186. Thanks, hope this helps!


Thank you for your concern but there in nothing that can be done its just a lesson learned.


They also shafted me. We rented furniture from Kanes in Ocoee, Fl.

The RAC rep first entered the incorrect amount then he said he corrected . BUT now there are two amounts on my credit reports showing the TWO amount that looks like there are TWO different accounts. The RAC rep just shows that he is incompetent and can not be trusted. I will never use RAC again and if anyone asks I will tell then never use them.

PAY CASH. if you don't have the money to pay you do not need it.




Sounds like you're not too bright. Since when would a rent to own place have NO interest charges?? You have no one to blame but yourself.


there is no interest you ***, its finace chargers and its not "rent to own" smart one! they just are overly charging, only 15-20 of the whole amount we pay each month goes toward the actuall bed!

thats ridiculous! they cant even explain the "other charges"


You're a ***.


your a C U N T, get off comment if you dont like what i have to say


No I think you are the *** hole !! Must work for this rac place right.. get a real job..

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