Detroit, Michigan

I went in to purchase furniture through RAC Acceptance and the white lady, Amy Rice in there that worked for Rac Acceptance was very rude to me. The whole time she was explaining to program to me she used a very disrespectful tone.

The District Mnager is rude to Jeremey Bates.

RAC Acceptance as a whole is very disorganized they tack on an extra $200 for even going through their program, then give you ridiculous price and have 90 days to pay it off or you start to accrue interest back from the first day you signed your agreement. DO NOT GO TO RAC ACCEPTANCE INSIDE OF VALUE CITY FURNITURE ON WARREN RD.!!

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I hate everyone equally...not just you


I purchased a living room set a dinette set and I was informed that I had not paid for the chair I make my payments on time and RAC is akin to a used car lot never again :(


I stumbled upon this accidentally but they are NOT racist. Have you seen the diversity of people that work there!?

My husband and I are mexican and Amy was very nice to us we just bought a living room set from them. I understand where she might have been coming from though, I am rude to idiots as well.


I made a purchased from the thrive tablet and the sales person talked me into purchasing what they called insurance at the time but later I found out it was an extended warranty. Although I was misled they will not cancel the warranty that I paid over a hundred dollars for.


The higher up you go in the corporate rankings the worse they get! So don't believe for a moment that you can get anything helpful completed!


Hey So Sad You get over yourself!


Hey So Sad You get over yourself!


Don't ever use RAC Acceptance, you will be paying forever for it!!!


The race card is old and tired. Everytime you don't get something you want you pull the race card. Get over it.

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