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They are crooks they finance something for you and you make your payments. Buy something that costs 300.00 dollars get 2 year agreement you pay over 1300.00 for it why because they get your payment they charge you a rental fee of about 3/4 quarters of your payment your principle payment is about 3 or 4 dollars so the only thing you are doing is paying for a rental. Nothing like AArons or other rental companys that 300.00 item would of cost about 600.00 take my advise don't use RAC Acceptance if you can't afford something go to another rental center you won't feel like you have been raped or better yet bend over and grab your ankles.


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"if you can't afford something go to another rental center"

If you can't afford something, don't get it until you can if you feel this way about honoring your notes.

I'm sure there isn't a darn thing at this place that is a must have.

You knew exactly what you were getting into when you signed the papers.

Take my advice, don't get into notes for stuff you don't need if you:

Don't understand the unfavorable terms Think you'll pay it off with your tax, student, settlement or anticipated disability check which people who don't like to pay their bills always say is coming and can you "work with me?"


Pay your bills and you wouldnt be in this situation to begin with.


You can tell its people who work with the company who is responding


It's funny people with bad credit think they are going to get the same privileges as someone with great credit, even more funny you sign a contract without reading it, first page of the agreement shows you exactly what you will owe if you take the contract out full term. With rac you are building your credit with on time payments .

Depending on your credit how long wil it take to build a good pay history??? Then pay it off end of story :x


Im not a person who will not pay a bill off but be read what has been posted and its so crazy that ive never took the time to read about a company ...but ill never shop at the rac...i have bed the paint has came off the wood curve under the drawer plus my foot board has turn white...they took six months to fix now its back to whiteI've ask for my money back..which its going to be fight for... :cry


The Auther of this story is an *** first off if you finance 300.00 its only a 12 month term and if he had good credit he could use traditional finance so im pretty sure he is a loser that isnt going to amount to *** in life. *** ***!!!!!!!


You will only pay 5000.00 if you drag out your payments. Pay it off sooner and it will be less


There is a reason you have bad credit. Read your pape work.


I just found this to be true My 1,945.00 worth of furniture after their fees will have cost me 5000.00 and some change. I questioned it and it was verified to me by a rac acceptance employee in waco. Will never do it again.

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