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Will money paid on within the 90 apply to the payoff?

2 answers
Irene Moore

Please contact Acceptance Now Customer Service by phone at 888 672-2411 and provide the company support representatives with full details regarding your issue. You can find the nearest store’s contact number using the “Find A Location” tool on the company website or submit your request following the link

Please note that the company “Flexible Payment Options” refer to monthly and yearly purchase options, including 90 day and 120 day options.

90 day and 120 day options may not be available in all locations.


Yes, the “rent” portion of the payment, and if you pay more that goes directly towards the balance as well.

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i would like to cancel my acceptance now contact

1 answer
Larry Taylor

The AcceptanceNow website is seriously lacking details related to canceling a lease agreement. However, the AcceptanceNow FAQs section states that customers can buy out the agreement if they wish to gain ownership of the leased item or renew the lease “by making affordable payments”.

This implies that a customer indeed has the option to cancel a lease and that this is somehow linked to the scheduled payments. Nevertheless, the “how” is not mentioned. Researching some more the Terms and Conditions of Use pertaining to payments made via AutoPay, it became clear that those who choose this payment method can cancel their scheduled payments by logging to ePay and deselecting the agreement. This could, potentially, allow them to cancel the leasing too.

Alternatively, you could try to contact the Acceptance Now customer support staff or use the Acceptance Now customer service number to get in touch with a company agent and ask for assistance. No matter which option you choose to go by, make sure you read the terms and conditions about cancellations when you lease an item, before asking for a refund.


90 day payoff penalty

I leased headphones with Progressive and paid a $79 by exercising by 90-day payoff option. Thinking about leasing a couch, what will be my 90-day same as cash penalty with Acceptance now?

1 answer
Irene Moore
Unfortunately, does not provide any details about late payments. Nevertheless, the AutoPay terms and conditions make a note of automatic payments that take place on the terms the customer has chosen (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly).

So, it is safe to assume that Acceptance Now clients have time to pay until the date each renewal payment is due, especially considering that customers might be charged a returned item fee if there are no funds available at the time of the expected payment.

Please check out more information on this issue given in the article Top Acceptance Now Question: Does Acceptance Now Build Credit?

Angry Customer

Why is the staff so rude??Horrible service please hire a whole new staff!!

1 answer
Irene Moore

Please contact Acceptance Now Customer Care Department by phone at 1-888-672-2411 (Monday - Friday from 8AM to 8PM CT) and share your issues, worries or Acceptance Now complaints. You can also use the company Contact Us Online form here

Another way to complain about Acceptance Now is to share your experience by posting a review on to get Acceptance Now customer help.

The company customer care representatives may reach out to consumers on the site and attempt to resolve any problems.


What's my pay off amount

2 answers
Irene Moore

Your question seems to be quite specific. The best way to get the answer is to reach out to Acceptance Now Customer Service and ask their customer support representatives for assistance.You can find the nearest store’s contact number using the “Find A Location” tool on the company website or you can call the company toll-free number 888 672-2411.

You can also request information following the link


Refer to your Early Purchase Option schedule attached to your agreement, it literally tells you after each payment what your balance is at any time.

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