Update by user May 15, 2017

Once I reached a manager, professionally and the way I had hoped. Apparently it could have been done this way all along, but previous employees I spoke to were so ignorant to their own company's ways. So it was they that made me feel cheated.

Update by user May 15, 2017

Resolved the way I wanted. I believe one of the biggest reasons is because I wrote everything down (when and who I talked to & what was discussed) so when I finally got to a district manager (I had to follow up myself) I was calm, professional and didn't sound like just a complainer.

I compliment rep 202002 B. for being the one who got me the district manager, the previous 3 phone people and in-store rep I spoke to need a lesson from him. And I compliment district manager D.

for resolving my issue both professionally and while being friendly. I only hope he follows up with his district to NOT pitch this service as another kind of credit card.

Update by user May 11, 2017

If I could zero stars I would. I used them from within a Rooms To Go; I think the store itself is fine.

Update by user May 09, 2017

Found this after posting. Please consider adding your name to the list. They do ask for money to help promote it, but money isn't required to reach their signature goal.

Original review posted by user May 09, 2017

March 7, 2017 I bought a mattress set that came to $764.98 after tax and delivery. I was denied the Rooms to Go credit card and shown to Acceptance Now, which was pitched to me just like a credit card.

If I pay it off early, the less interest I pay total. The contract didn't show a total amount, but since I was convinced I'd be paying it off early, I wasn't overly concerned. The "monthly club fees" I saw on the paperwork was explained to me as a fee for using their service, and the booklet of coupons that came with were just an added bonus (none are useful to me). I paid for tax, initial fees, and delivery in store that day to secure my purchase paying $268.67.

My contracted monthly payments were listed as $137.21. I signed up on their website for the auto pay, but before my first payment went out, I tried to pay extra towards it. Online didn't work so I called their 888 number. The nice lady there said that until the first payment cleared the auto pay system, I couldn't do anything online, sort of like a setting up of sorts, but I could go to the physical store and pay towards principal there.

I have had credit problems in the past so I knew to ask specifically if the auto pay would still come out on time even if I paid ahead in store (I wanted it to). I was assured that yes, the scheduled payment would happen on time. April 23 was the first time I could make it into the Rooms to Go. I wanted to pay $400 towards principal, but the woman at the counter said they could only accept payments in increments of the monthly contracted amount.

The closest to $400 she could do was the equivalent of 3 months and I was charged $412.78. So in one month, between the auto pay and my attempt at paying it off faster, I paid 4 months worth of "monthly club fees" and what they label "suspense" on the receipt (explained to me as interest). I asked again about the auto pay bank draft, and the woman in the store said that since I was now 3 months ahead, the next auto pay wouldn't come out until the 4th month. So I have already paid $818.66 towards my $764.98 mattress set but in doing the math on the extremely obscure and misleading paperwork they gave me, I still owe almost $1000.

On the 23rd after my unhappy visit to the store, I used the Acceptance Now website to log a complaint with their "contact us" form. Just today, May 9, I called the 888 number again only to learn several things: that they never got my website logged complaint.... that the people that answer the 888 numbers actually DO NOT KNOW how the payment systems work, are unaware if principal only payments are even possible, and basically their only function is to direct my complaint to a district manager that will contact ME in 48-72 hours. God help me actually be available for her call when it comes in because I don't know how calling her back will go.

If in 72 hours I have my three months of fees ($94.97 suspense fee, $38.97 club fee, and $32.09 waiver fee) applied towards the principal of my mattress and a satisfactory pay off total quoted me, perhaps I will come back to this site and update it to a better review. But as it stands, I experienced more knowledgeable and fair treatment at a title loan place being charged 150% daily compounded interest.

If this company doesn't have a horrible Better Business Bureau rating, it should. I am advising everyone I know to avoid this "service." Better to suck it up and save up or barrow money from family if unable to secure a line of credit from a more reputable source.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $166.

Preferred solution: Apply paid-early monthly fees towards principal and allow me to pay off my mattress early with NO additional "monthly fees" when not in the month being paid..

Acceptance Now Pros: Physical store i shopped in rooms to go was nice.

Acceptance Now Cons: Customer service and payment arrangement, Different explanations from different employees, Not enough physical paperwork to reference.

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I bought couch and love seat at hhgregg the acceptance now lied to me all the way and telling everybody I know not to go to them they are nothing but liars


Same thing it's happen to me know and they don't explain everything about the payments they're liars


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We'd be happy to look into your account further and see if we can help clear things up. Please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-422-8186.


So I called. The automated switchboard calls it Rent a Center and my routing choices didn't make sense. Should I choose human resources or the "other" that includes media relations and employee issues?

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