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I explained to the girl that I was closing on a home in 7 days and I did not want this to affect my credit. She lied & didn't care.

It showed up on my credit. I didn't get my house, if I wanted it to show up on my credit, my score is 750, I would have ran it through the credit bureau. I then paid the furniture off before 90 days they still haven't sent me paid in full letter. The district manager is a nasty b.....

she could care less. Another manager called me back after my account was closed off???? Really.. it took that long for someone to return my call...

acceptance no is a joke.. I wouldn't recommend a dog to this place.

Everyone at the sarids road store needs to be fired immediately, including the manager, and the district manager, they need to train their staff on customer service as we are the reason that they get a paycheck. Totally disatisfied

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I purchased a bedroom set for my son at Ashley’s Furniture using acceptance now. Everyone was very friendly and professional.

HOWEVER, after seeing and reading ALL the bad reviews I got nervous and cancelled my order before being delivered with no Issues. I will stick with Progressive Leasing. The reviews are great and never had an issues with them.

I always pay off my furniture before 90 days. The only bad thing about progressive they do not report it to the credit bureau but otherwise they are fantastic.


That district Manger is awful, even her staff agrees!! She needs to be let go ASAP!!! That lady is the worst person ever she has no heart and her customer service is garbage.

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