Orlando, Florida

I purchased a mattress at kanes furniture in Orlando fl with some other items I had no problem paying everything cash but I asked the worst question ive ever asked "what is that no credit check finance" the sales guy pas me on to a lady that said it would help my credit and it was a easy program so I fell for it .

first red flag was when I signed I had to make a down payment when she never told me till after I signed but ok I made like 4 payments after that and decided to check my payoff which I calculated if the mattress is 998 and I already paid 600 worst case scenario is going to be 500's when I called the lady tells me that in order to tell me the payoff she needs to receive the payment that was due that same day so I went ahead and did it and after I almost had a heart attack my balance was 871.39 I tried to understand why but couldn't then she said the word lease and who would do such a thing lease a mattress not only is disscusting but *** to do this so I told her that I wanted to pay half and then the other half next week but she said full or nothing I felt like stranded and like the worlds dumbest man alive and then told her that I was gonna pay in full that disregard the payment I just did so that money will go with the total pay off and she said that once it goes to the system im screwed I cant believe this has been my worst nightmare I cant believe this IS HAPPENING TO ME IVE BEEN PAYING THIS SO CALLED MATTRESS THAT A SALES GUY PUT ME IN TO BUILD UP CREDIT BUT IT HASNT AND NOW IM STUCK !!! I HAVE TO PAY THE FULL AMOUNT OR NOTHING AND EVERY TIME I PAY $150 IT ONLY GOES $43 DOLLARS TOWARDS PRINCIPAL THAT MEANS they are charging me 70% interest this is a total ripoff and I think its illegal everytime I pay its frustrating how people like me have good faith and try to make the effort to circulate economy when scam artist like this screw people up !!!

shame on these rats but guess what they will never get my business again and from probably I would say 123 people that have gone to my house and admire my furniture I tell them what happened to me with the matress from *** and I know they will never go to Kanes furniture even thou they are not directly envolved but why did they let this bastards from rac get that messed up program !!!! :(

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I work at RAC and am so sorry to hear about your experience! I hope you'll give us the chance to work through this with you because what you described isn’t the way we ever want to do business at all.

It’s our policy to explain all aspects of RAC Acceptance to our customers . It seems like the store gave you some inaccurate information if they led you to believe you could build up credit with RAC Acceptance.

I do hope you’ll call our customer service line at 800-422-8186 so they can get details about what happened and escalate the issue. Thanks.


RAC is a ****ing rip off they *** too I bought a mattress from ***s the same thing only I wasn't happy with the bed I wanted to send it back and get my money back they said sorry you can't get your money back your renting the bed I'm said no I'm not I was buying it so I told them your not getting it until I get my money back so take me too court I'll take my chances with the judge.


When you get stuff at the rent to own places, you are leasing them until they are paid off. What it amounts to is you are renting them, that is why the word rent is in the name of the business.

You said you also got some other items, I am assuming the cost for them was figured in your total too.

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