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I want to know how this company can get away with charging me so much with no having no knowledge of it. The bedroom set was $1800.00 after all my payments it is gonna cost me $5179.00.

How is this legal? I never heard any of this when I was signing the papers. I am really thinking about hiring a lawyer. This is ***.

When I called they said, I am renting the bedroom set, till it's paid off, Are they kidding me? Does anyone else have this problem? I am so confused how they think they can get away with this.

Any comments will help, please please. Now I have to keep writing

Product or Service Mentioned: Furniture Set.

Reason of review: final price.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Acceptance Now Cons: Final cost.

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Sadly it is legal and in your paperwork clearly spelled out. What is unethical is they won't let you pay anything other than your current payment OR full early pay off balance.

I just paid my last payment, had to go in person to get my "ownership" paperwork because they "aren't allowed" to mail it.

Yup paid over double for the crap. I get paying interest "they don't call it that", but not allowing someone to make larger payments to help pay it down is a scam.


They charge a high interest rate, like when getting a car an the credit isn't good. I get from them all the time but I use the 90 day option versus the low monthly payment option.

When looking at the agreement it shows what it will cost if you pay it off over 3 years versus 3 months. 3 months is like same as cash.

In my opinion, try to settle it out or return the furniture. However if you return it, it will hurt your credit more.


Going through it right now 3200 furniture is going to cost me over 7000. Went in today and said what can I give you to end this ordeal.

They said 2900 will close it. That’s 2000 more than we paid 6 months ago. They said at first 80% goes toward furniture and 20 goes toward financing.

After 4 months 80% toward financing and 20% furniture. Walked out going back tomorrow to talk to manager




I had no idea I was renting, I just thought I was financing. I bought a sectional made payments paid it off and as soon as a paid it off my credit score dropped 50 points.

It did not help my credit.

Never late on one payment, paid it for a year. If people wanted to rent furniture and over pay they would just go to rent a center and if your late or can’t pay you just return furniture without credit being affected, how can acceptance now put a negative mark on your credit and take furniture back and then still owe the remaining balance with interest after furniture is taken back!


They are affiliated with Rent A Center.


Every pissed off person on here saying " they never told me about 90 days" or "never explained about differed interest" you have to sign a terms and/or reciept. And if you didn't when handing over hundreds of cash you may as well put it to rest now.

In those terms it states their policies, ALL of them. I've used acceptance now many times for a quick 90 day purchase to help build my credit. No issues, because I made my payments on time and within the policy guidlines! Would you sign papers on a new car without reading them first?

I'd hope not. Wether it's $50 or $50,000 I'm reading my paperwork because I worked for my money. Before anyone goes off saying I work for them, I do not. I work for a retail company and we run finance daily; hourly.

Our own policies are given out with every order sold and must be signed along with whoever a customer finances with.

You think we read EVERY word to each person? It is YOUR responsibility to read that PRIOR to signing.


I paid mine off in 90 days never late and my credit score dropped 55 points


I paid mines off in 90 days as well it did drop my score. The good thing is that is shows that you paid off a large loan an made on time payments.

The bad thing is, once its paid they close the account versus leaving it open as paid in full. That hurts your credit score. It also hurts when you look at length of credit history. Ex.

if you have had credit for 3 yrs an you open this loan up, pay it off in 3 months an they close the account now you average length of credit is 2yrs an 9 months. So it takes away from your length of credit.

Same way if you consolidate student loans. Every time you consolidate an old loan into a new loan, its new credit an it takes away from your credit history.


Yes you are not the only one. I have left a comment somewhere here.

Exactly the same as you. Confused. On how are these establishments are still up and running without anyone suing them for over charging. Iam battled by it.

I have purchased furniture for $2700 and I’m gonna end up paying $6,000. I get all the fees for a lease..

but these people are just really over charging. I came here to see if anyone has a luck to sue or come together to sue.


You cant file a class action because of the arbitration agreement you signed. Please read carefully before signing!


Oh, here we go...Typical serial dead beat class action lawsuit(or I'm calling my lawyer) nonsense. Look, hopefully, your lawyer is ethical and patient and doesn't take you for a ride or charge you a lot of money to explain basic stuff to you.

Hopefully, they'll pull out the contract you signed, tell YOU it's legal and explains basic math and interest to you before sending you on your way. Listen, if you had attorney money, you would have paid your bills on time, had decent credit and no reason to deal with this outfit. Your balance probably increased because YOU didn't pay during a promo period(e.g. 90 days or whatever) in which case, the deferred interest piles in on you.

Of course, YOU agreed to this when signing up but didn't understand or care to read it and ask questions. AND/OR.....YOU missed payments and the late fees rolled in. AND/OR....YOU agreed to some asinine sky-high interest rate because you wanted some new stuff You just wanted to get out of there with some new stuff and didn't have the gumption to just walk out of there and avoid a bad deal I truly believe this is why "they" took basic home finance out of the high schools knowing there would be a steady stream of idiots who don't understand the plan or serial dead beats who have no other choice than to deal with them. Oh and predatory lending, a predator stalks and runs down its prey.

Prey doesn't just walk in, eyes wide open and sign up for stuff they don't understand, can't pay on time or plan to pay back. OK....Let's hear it, "you must work for them."


They have been reported to attorney general office for chicago. All of the employees make phone calls of telling customers you go to prison if you do not pay. Sometimes, it not about the money but the threats!


Of course, if these people are calling and threatening something they won't do like jail, that's FDCPA violation. With that said, you people don't seem to want to address and accept responsibility for the root cause that's generating these calls.

That's not paying the notes you agreed to. Crying about rude calls is nothing more than a dodge. Dead beats love to come up with dodges like this as a way to get out of paying their bills. They also love trying to get in on class action lawsuits as a free money windfall.

Another dead beat SOP is to complain about the money they're being charged, based on what the walked into. This mentality is the exact reason most of you are relegated to high-interest loans and other subprime financing. If you can't afford something, don't buy it on time especially with bad credit.

To say it's not about the money is naive at best... Pay your bills on time....Calls will not happen...Problem solved...You're welcome...


You probably work to this company. Which I understand coz you’re getting paid, we don’t pay this high over charge payments, you don’t get paid...

lol.You calling us, people deadbeat? You’re probably deadbeat yourself. It’s not about coz we don’t want to pay.

It’s about how much these companies are charging. OVER CHARGING!!!


Typical dead beat response to a comment that doesn't fit their lame narrative, some variation of "you must work for (insert company I'm mad at)." It doesn't matter if you can't or don't want to pay, you must pay on time all the time. Why, because YOU said you would when YOU signed the contract that you probably didn't read or understand.

All you could think about was getting out the store with stuff with little to no regard as to what you just let yourself in for. Sure, these rates are very high but YOU asked for it. This is YOUR fault that you're being overcharged for whatever reason be it not paying off in 90 days or not understanding simple high school math and interest calculations. Your using words like "coz" explains a lot actually.

People like you are done....This is for people who haven't fallen into the web, do not be like this person, do not sign your name without reading, understanding "coz" you'll be in for a world of hurt that includes high-interest rates, poor credit reports, possible lawsuits, and garnishments. Sleep on a mat until you can afford to buy a bed or whatever bric a brack you're getting from these people on time.


There are more predatory people than this acceptance and Rent-A-Center out there and they need to be stopped and the only way to stop them is through suing them


I have acceptance now through Bob's furniture. Our sectional we got was only 1,700.

We put down 400.00 of our hard earned money. Little did we know we weren't paying on furniture to own but to find out we were renting to own after finding out they are the same as Rent A Center. That company is Very shady and deceiving. Never once going through the process did they tell us it was rent to own if we past the 90 days sane as cash and they were owned by Rent A Center.

If we knew that...we would have NEVER gone through with it. They do it on purpose so they have you in their right grips. Everytime I called to a get a balance, it changed all the time. We have bern paying on this couch since 2018 of March and our payment the last time I called went up and we owed 1,800.

Now how the *** could that be possible!? Where the heck has our money bern going and going towards. I am with you on your complaint on how the heck can this be legal or even allowed? We also fell on hard times and money was stolen from our acct etc and our bank had to close our accts.

Since then my husband kept forgetting to call them. Now we are a good few months behind and I'm afraid they will call the police on us for theft etc.

I have heard and read horror stories about them doing that. To tell you the truth, they can come get their *** furniture as I'm not paying 6k on a sectional that is not even worth that...its not even real leather.


I still don't get why they would call the police?? I am filing with state attorney here in Chicago.

Their employee did threaten me to get arrested even though everything was paid.

We call all share our emails and file a lawsuit. This is crazy to get arrested.


Is there a lawsuit? I am Dealing with it now and I am Sooo pissed. I don’t know how would this be legit!