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I do not have an account with this company. I simply came on this site to look at the reviews as I do with a lot of companies I consider doing business with.

What I have learn is that it seem to be customers that do not read their and contract and at the same time the company may not be informing them entirely also. I work in a field where I deal with clients everyday and it does get frustrating dealing with them sometimes because they don't listen nor read. Looking at some of the comments that were left I can tell that it is some of the employees of the company that is leaving them. Although most of the customers may be wrong the employees leaving the comments to their complaints are just as bad.

When you have employees making comments about how a person uses their English skills and making rude remarks about how they didn't read their contracts it gives some truth to what the customers are saying because it is very unprofessional to talk to any customer like that. They are customers and yes they may be wrong and didn't read their contracts but they are the reason the employees have jobs and the company is in business. This company need to have a talk with their employees about what and how to respond to customers with a complaint. So this shows me that although the customers may not have read their contracts this company has hired a lot of ignorant employees who probably cant get a job any where else because if they could they wouldn't be working for this company.

They are obviously mad at the customers and themselves for having to work at a company they don't want to work for. The company cant be treating their employees any better because if they were they would train them on professionalism and how to treat customers happy or angry. I had never heard of this company and I was just doing some research to see how their financing went. I have learn that if I had of chose to go with them I would have paid off my purchase within the 90 days and that I would not be doing business with them due to how some of the ignorant, simply minded employees have talked to some of the customers, and yes I can actually go and get finance through another company because I do have great credit.

So to the employee that's probably going to comment on my review with an ignorant comment go ahead and do it. Just remember while you are posting you are probably more mad at where you work than the actual customers.

Just like if they could do better they would go somewhere else and buy items if they could the employees would probably be somewhere else working if they could get a better job. To the customers or potential customers....READ, READ, READ before you sign.

Reason of review: COMPANY.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Bottom line is you don't find people who pay their bills on time coming here to complain. The ONLY complainers are the serial deadbeats who just can't stand the consequences THEY caused by NOT paying on time LIKE THEY AGREED TO DO!

These same whiners are doing business with a subprime place because THEY have themselves a reputation of not paying their bills on time with previous creditors. They are given another chance and what do they do?

They STILL won't pay on time! That's the true definition of a sorry habitual deadbeat loser!


You're clearly a fool. You're commenting on everything negatively.

You have so much to say yet and still you hide behind an anonymous user name. Sounds to me like you're the deadbeat loser. Not everyone who does business with the company is not paying their bills. Many have paid, a lot of the complaints come from customers who have dealt with sales reps who blatantly lie.

I myself have no credit. However, I make a considerable amount of money. I used companies like this and paid everything off in 90 days to build my credit. None of them reported my credit report.

They all said they would only report if I didn't pay. So I looked into acceptance now who does report and called the company to get detailed information. When I went in to inquire, I was met with an employee and manager who lied to my face about the finance parts of the contract simply to make a higher commission. When I told them I was familiar with how everything worked they started lying even more.

Needless to say, I purchased my furniture $3000 cash because of the misrepresentation. I will file a formal complaint and possible suit against the company for the sales tactics and misrepresentation by the sales managers.

Had I not already contacted the corporate office. If be on here leaving a negative comment because I was mislead.


Clearly you're a moron! I wonder what's my reason why I feel as though this company is a complete rip off.

My account is current, paid every month on time and I still feel as though I made the wrong decision to deal with them. So again, What is my reason????

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