16051 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33157, USA
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As a customer I would never purshase anything from this company again. Is all a scam.

When you first purshase from them the first thing they do is run your credit obviously on top on that, they ask you a high deposit even if you have excellent credit. Totally unprofessional. While I had the contract with them and I was paying monthly with them , let’s say I was in a meeting or something and I don’t pick up the first time , they will continue blowing you up until you pick up. Another unprofessional move .

As a business owner I totally don’t recommend them at all . All a scam. Here another thing I had a balance with them of 400 dollar so I told my wife they pay them off so our credit can go a little . Well while I was with them I would pay on time and they would raise my credit 2 points or 3 points .

But when I when to make a total payment of 400 dollar left to see if my credit goes up a little . Two weeks later my credit when down 40 points.

Totall scam . I hate this place

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Electronics Leasing.

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