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I stumbled upon this website looking into the RAC acceptance plan because I am thinking of purchasing of new bedroom set from Ashley Furniture. I used this program a few years ago to purchase my living room set when they offered 90-day same as cash. That being said, IF I weren't able to pay the balance in full in 90 days I was informed BOTH VERBALLY AND ON THE WRITTEN agreement that the remaining balance would be FINANCED!! As indicated at the top of the document, it would be through Rent-A-Center (i.e. finance charges and leasing fees for the merchandise).

I didn't want to deal with a hit on my credit at the time as I was looking to purchase a car shortly after and was attracted to the 90-day option this time as well with it being the holiday season. Anyways, my point is that all of you who are *** and complaining about being "bamboozled" and "ripped off" by RAC need to take a few minutes to actually read legally binding documents BEFORE you sign them. If you have bad credit, then do you honestly think that you somehow magically qualified for no-interest payments on furniture??? I paid my furniture off within the 90-day period, and it was no different in terms of cost then it would've been had I just swiped my *** debit card!

You guys are probably the same individuals who receive numerous calls from bill collectors and who look forward to tax returns so that you can "ball out" for a month or so instead of actually paying your bills off. Grow up! Stop looking for a handout in the form of a lawsuit (which you have ignorantly convinced yourself that you have a chance in *** of winning) and better yourself by becoming more informed.

I know this won't make a difference whatsoever and I'm sure most of you are accusing me of working for the company and rolling your eyes, but MAYBE someone will make a better financial decision later in life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Leasing.

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Thank you! I was beginning to wonder what the *** was going on!!

I was about to buy a sectional using the 90 days same as cash and these reviews scared me to death.

I understand that if you don't pay in 90 days there is a charge/fee or penalty.

But, these people made it sound like they were prevented from paying it off in 90 days.

If it worked for you, then I will try it. My intention is most definitely to pay it off in 90 days....

I was beginning to wonder what the *** was going on!!


I don't know nor do I care who you are. But, you seem to think that you are so above these people who have been "ripped off".

There happen to be some that cannot afford to 90 days same as cash, also at times it is not explained by the employees of RAC.

So, please Miss or Mr. "Holier than Thou". Stay off the web sites as these, that the people who need to vent or tell their nightmare experiences, that they have had.

Sometimes, people have no other recourse or not able air their differences in any other way. And for you, to sit on your high horse, have the audacity to refer to people as ignorant, and always looking for handouts?

Who the *** do you think you are?

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