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My fiancee and I purchased a bedroom set that was suppose to be brand neew from RAC. When the dresser was delivered i noticed that one of the legs on the dresser was completely broke.

I called them to inform them that it was damaged and the sent someone to my house to look at the furniture. The 1st thing he said before he seen it was let me look to see if we can gorilla glue it together. I told him I don't want any gorilla glue on some so called brand new furniture. When he finish looking at the furniture he told my fiancee that the whole dresser need to be replaced and he would reoprt his finding to RAC well needless to say no one reported anything and when I called to find out what was going on they didnt even remember who the guy was that came to my house and asked me if i remember(grant it this was almost 30 days later).

Everytime my fiancee or myself called the company to see when they were going to replace my dresser they kept saying we're aware of the situation and we're looking into it we spoke with 3 DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Needless to say almost 3mnths later now they want to finally call and tell me they have the part to replace on my dresser but don't forget the repair man told my fiancee it couldnt be fixed. I make my payments on time every month except the last payment I took my time because I felt like the same way you expect for me to pay my bill on time I expect to have my situation resolved in a timely manner.

No one bothered to call and let me know of any progress, the only time I heard from them is when we called them. In a nutshell I'm extremely disappointed in how the employees working for this company conducted business in handling my situation and I will be returning the furniture back to them in the next week.

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Just to let you know the host store meaning the furniture store that RAC works out of is responsible for fixing your furniture, but to your defense Rac reps hould have contacted the furnitue stores customer service dept. and had set up for the fix or replacement . But for them not to be responsible enough to keep yu informed of the progress of your situation just goes to show, that once you sign on the dotted line they aren' interested in your problems just your payments!

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