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I was given credit through Acceptance Now for My Bobs Furniture purchase, which is apparently linked to Rent-A-Center (RAC) in some manner. It was difficult to know who I was supposed to communicate with. I ordered the furniture in My Bobs Furniture of Yonkers, NY, the website I made payments through was Acceptance Now and when I called to talk about payments, it was made through RAC, who put me on hold for longer than 30 minutes when I called.

The issue began when i was signing the service agreement inside the MY Bobs Furniture store (Yonkers, NY). The representative told me that if I made all the payments before 90 days then my credit would show i made payments for 36 months. I WAS NEVER TOLD IF I DO NOT PAY THE BALANCE WITHIN 90 DAYS THEN I WOULD HAVE TO PAY ALL THE INTEREST UP FRONT. The system used to secure contracts was an iPhone tablet which I believe omitted certain information from my view and i was never given a printout of the contract before I left the store. It wasn't until i received an email containing a copy of the contract that I understood what I got myself into.

The second problem was with the actual furniture. My Bobs Furniture delayed shipment of my furniture by almost a month. This caused an issue with Acceptance Now as they did not accept payments prior to delivery of said furniture. When I would call to make a payment (after 30 minute wait) they would simply tell me that there is no associated account to accept the payment through. So even though I was in the contract and the 90 days was still in effect, I couldn't make any payments. When My Bobs ultimately delivered the furniture, it broke the second my daughter began to use it.

Every month when I went to make my payments I never received a balance, or sum of payments from Acceptance Now. I just made blind payments for an amount less than what would be required to meet the 90 agreement I was apparently in. I was forced to make multiple payments per month to meet the 90 day requirement, to which I never knew when to stop sending payments. The payments I was forced to pay was $234.25, which there was a per transaction $14.08 for RAC Benefits Plus Discount. Keep in mind these payment totals varied, also, when I called I would get transferred between RAC and Acceptance Now. No one would give me totals, or send me balance information. When I made requests I would get placed on extended holds and when I would complain there would be someone to tell me a manager would return my call within the week (which never occurred.)

When I was finally contacted by the manager she informed me that when I made extra payments to meet the 90 day terms, it only extended my next payment date to the following month. She told me i wasn't supposed to make payments this was and I was supposed to call in and pay an additional fee to have a representative facilitate the payments. This additional fee was above the payment for the furniture and the RAC charge mentioned above.

The deceptive practices should be banned and they should be prosecuted for I am sure I am not the only person this has happened to between the companies, My Bobs Discount Furniture, Rent-A-Center and Acceptance Now.

I will never use their service and will seek counsel in this matter.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Acceptance Now Cons: Deceptive practices, Complex layering system to avoid liability.

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