Searcy, Arkansas

I purchase a LG Silver washer (model# WT5101H) and dryer set in Feb. 2012 from Brandsmart financed through RAC Acceptance.

However, 3 weeks ago, my washer started shaking excessively. 3 error codes appeared UL, UE and Ue. I called RAC they told me to call the manufacturer (LG). If LG could not fix it, LG will need to send Brandsmart a recall certificate or a report showing they came to my house.

Well...this did not go well. I called LG they sent 2 techs out for free. The first tech was from Xfinity Solutions which updated the software but washer is still shaking and error stays on the majority of the cycle. 2nd Tech was an LG technician he came to update the software not knowing it was already updated, after I told him. He was not prepared and did not know what to do. He ran different cycles on my washer and advised the error code will continue to show until the drum levels. Once it levels it will then disappear.

Well...that didnt work either. I called LG back...the advised they can send another Tech but I will have to pay for it. I simply told them yo shove it.

I called Brandsmart and RAC Acceptance raising ***. Brandmart kept giving me the run arounds and RAC advised they will come to pick it up and if they service dept could not fix it they will give me a new washer. My issue is if LG Techs couldnt fix their own what make your technicians sooo...special? Why do you all have remove the product to fix it?

Brandsmart management refused to talk to me in person and on the phone. RAC stated they couldnt do anything unless they receive something from LG stating the washer could not be fixed. Ive been without a washer for almost 3 weeks with no replacement Only the recalled washer. Poor Poor process and customer service. PLEAS HELP!!

Monetary Loss: $1049.

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