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I PREY the day there’s a class action lawsuit against this FRAUDULENT company for ALL of the fraudulent charges, interest fees and scamming contracts! And Rooms to Go should be ashamed to be affiliated with a company that SCAMS its customers!

This is the worst company ever! I’m surprised they are still in business.

There has to be a way for customers to come together and start a class action lawsuit against scamming AcceptanceNO-W! Stay away from this company, you have been WARNED!

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I was lied to by this lowlife company. I'm sure they got start by scamming elderly people out of their hard earned money. May the owner and all their associates burn in *** for eternity.


I would be happy to join in on this


When we start


First look at the agreement if you don’t understand ask questions. The agreement is very simple.

Max is 3000 plus 15% plus tax. Payment for 3000 is 373.21 per month for 21 months. All this is written in a huge two pages long. If you are not paying attention is your fault.

I done this service a few times and I pay it in 90 days and I say a lot money. If you go past 90 days the interest kick in and you will pay a lot of money then you will see a lot of this complaint.

The company offer the service it is up to you to use it. And the program it is lease to own and they got the right to repo It is written.


What about if they received the merchandise back because they would not fix it and the balance still popped up on my credit report 3x the amount???


I'm interested!! I was Aldo scamned by these losers ended up paying 6,0000 for a freaking living room set!


Someone, please help us start a class action lawsuit. There a many of us being scammed by the company.Rooms To Go will NEVER get any of my business once I'm done with Acceptance Now.

@Angela - RTG in Dunn

I will join too


I would like to be a part of this lawsuit.

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