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This place is an absolute nightmare! We ordered furniture back in October of 2014. We bought a couch for $795, tax included. A ottoman, $249.00, a rug $400 and a 6 piece dinette set. We were told we would get all of our furniture delivered by November 1st. It never came that day so we called and they said it was on back order til some time in December. Which we discussed when we bought the furniture ( in stock and ready to go per sales person) at Ashley Furniture.

We finally received a couch, an ottoman and one table with one chair. The couch had stitching already coming out. The chair had chips on the bottom of the leg and and the delivery guy took out his "black" marker and it dripped all over our new hardwood floors to try and fill in the chips.

We NEVER received our rug yet they state someone signed for it in October. We didn't sign for it and the house is brand new and was not finished til after November. We asked for proof of who signed it and they said " well we don't know, we will have to see if we can get a copy of that"

When the delivery guy noted on his papers that the couch was already torn (brand new), he stated they would replace the cushion's.


We continued to ask where our 6 piece dinette set was because Thanksgiving holiday was right around the corner. We asked about when to make the first payment. They said they can't take the payment til they re-do the paperwork because they were coming to pick up the three pieces of the table we did get. They never returned our calls, we never got our rug or our dinette set. It's now April 2nd of 2015. During the month's of January and Feb, we received numerous tags on our door where they had stopped by to pick up the dinette set. We were at work and school so of course we weren't home. We called and asked to make an appointment to come get it and we did twice. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP!

We have now got a letter from an attorneys office stating we owe so much money in late payments and charges for a 6 piece dinette set that we never received. They put we owe $6700 on our credit and that the payments were behind since October.

So to sum it all up, we only have a half torn couch and ottoman. NO RUG, NO 6 PIECE DINETTE SET and a recent from them stating we owe nothing on the dinette set. They called again today claiming we own late payments and the total for a $795 couch and a 249.00 ottoman, SOMEHOW, equals out to almost $2,000 which includes the rug we NEVER received.

They have stooped so low as to call our landlord to check on the date that we moved in because they can't provide either one of our signatures of which they claim signed for the rug.

We receive numerous phone calls from them , from a different person , every single time!! Having to explain our story all over again


Monetary Loss: $6733.

Acceptance Now Cons: Terrible customer service, Exceptionally high lease fees, Being lied to, Price, Harrassment.

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  • misleading business practices
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