7301 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19149, USA
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Horrible experience. Customer service reps are rude and not compassionate.

I hope this never happens to them, they should have recorded lines. I lost my job and had the insurance they suggested, when I filed my claim they denied me after I waited about 3 months for a response. Someone took it upon themselves to take the insurance off of my account without my request and didnt tell me until I questioned it. They have a problem with giving an extension until the end of the month, the reps treat you as if your *** even though I've been calling to communicate whenever I have to be a little late with a payment.

Total rip off, had I realized this was Rent A Center I would have never entered this contract. Something has to be done about this company. Customer Service and mamagers needs an inservice in communications, morals and ethics.

Bad business, bad experience I can't wait until this contract is over. I donot recommend this company for anybody.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Businesses aren’t human. They can’t be “compassionate”.

By definition, a business exists solely to make money. So when you fail to pay them money you borrowed, they don’t like that.

Pay on time. Simple.


"And its wailing time again..." !

What very clearly needs to be done is for you sorry wailing, whining and howling serial deadbeats to pay your bills on time! Very clearly, you can't get conventional financing so you need to go to a furniture rental place!

Why is that? Its because you have a proven track record of NOT paying previous creditors. These people take a chance on you and what happens?

Just like clock work, you don't pay them on time either! Yes sir, high class at its finest!


U don’t need to be condescending.