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Our order from Schultz's wasn't delivered the date that Acceptance gave us, we had to wait about a month for some of the pieces to arrive. When the bar stools did arrive one was broken and the other was extremely dirty.

Acceptance tried to bill us before all of the things promised where delivered. Also they put our payments in as late to the credit bureau which took my husbands credit score down 15 points we were never late paying them just was not paying for something that we didn't get yet.

They said they would fix it but it has not been fixed as of yet. We're very disappointed in the service we received from both companies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They totally are trying to charge me over three grand for a $599 couch that I've already paid over 800 for .. this company doesn't deserve to be in service fraudulent behavior everywhere..I am totally disgusted with the behavior of this company and what they State they represent and then actually offer.they should be looked into federally and see all the complaints that people have claimed and fought against on their credit report I have disputed it twice already..

to LoudSaola329 #1671630

Well 1st off it does cost more than if you paid cash out right. 2nd the full term price is what is reported to the credit bureau. 3rd if you didn’t READ your contract to find out your term then that is your fault that you don’t read before signing.

to Anonymous #1679125

Screw you!

to NegativeFox336 #1683304

At the end of the day, you and others who didn't bother to read what they signed are on the hook. The only way out is to make timely payments or risk further damage to your credit, don't pay it and get sent out to collections and further damage your credit...Ignore collections, get sued, get a judgment, garnishment and complete destruction of your credit. You're done but you can help others with your sad foolish tale of woe.....READ WHAT YOU SIGN...UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU SIGN...DON'T SIGN IF YOU DON'T DO THE FIRST TWO OPTIONS...

to LoudSaola329 #1682538

And how has that worked out for you? Here's what happens when you file a credit dispute.

The agencies send a notice to the creditor. The creditor has 30 days to respond or it's gone...But not for good...It can show up when they send it out to collections. When the creditor does respond, they respond with the contract YOU signed. If the contract supports the debt(which it no doubt does, you just didn't read or understand it)the negative mark stays on your credit.

Just because there are a lot of people out there and on this site that whines about their self-induced predicaments doesn't make it illegal. Companies that trade with silly people like you with bad credit know full well the psychological value of the word acceptance. Look at most of the places the deal with bad credit people. You'll see this term in the name somewhere.

They know full well that your wants will overcome your common sense.

They know you won't bother to read what you sign and/or are too proud to ask questions and/or have enough sense to just get up and walk out of the place. The only thing these posts are good for it a warning to others like you who would walk into the web.

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