Bowie, Maryland
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Amber from RAC Acceptance in Glen Burnie, MD along with several of her staff members left detailed information on my business phone concerning one of their clients. The information left on a third party line consisted of legal actions taken on behalf of their client.

Amber specifically said the following, which I have saved 4 messages in order to send them to the Consumer Protection Agency and other Collection Consumer Protection Agencies. Amber's message stated:This message is for"......"and I have filed criminal charges today for the bad checks and stolen property. Remember, I was listed as a employer for the client Amber was seeking to contact. If RAC Acceptance Corporate do not read Collection Practices in the State of Maryland they will be sued.

This company is violating so many Collection Laws. I have asked these people to stop calling me.

Their client is deceased and they will not STOP! I provided the messages to the appropriate people and hope they will pursuit this issue legally

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Property Rental.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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wow i am thankful to have read this post rac will never see a red cent ,i was considering renting short term extra tV fro my arriving guests, rac go *** yourself is what i have to say

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