Wellesley, Massachusetts
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payment at $238 a month. So I should have had a little over $1700 plus tax and fees to left, NOPE according to Acceptance NOW, because I didn't pay within 90 days, it defaulted into a 36 month agreement which makes the furniture cost 3x then what it was sold for.

THIS WAS NEVER disclosed to me at the time, a contract was never given to me stating SO, I have had several conversations with them and they will not budge, pure deceitful company and the worst employees ever. They call you the day payment is due and if you don't answer they will harass you until you pick up the phone and give them an exact date and time you will be paying. They have threatened to file a theft charge with my local police if I don't make my payments. I WILL NEVER IN MY LIVING LIFE USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN OR REFER ANYONE TO THIS COMPANY EVER!!!!

I have filed a complaint with BBB and I suggest you do the same, I HOPE AND PRAY SOMEONE WITH A HEART READS THIS AND SEE HOW DECEPTLE THIS COMPANY IS and FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THEM. They DONOT need to be in Business and companies like BOB's, ASHLEYS, and BERNIE & PHYYL's should be shameful for allowing such SCAMMERS to do business with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is the exact same thing I am going through. I NEVER saw any paperwork disclosing information like this. They emailed me an attachment to an email, that has a signature that IS NOT MINE, but computer generated.


Forget all about the BBB. They are not the Commerce Police and have no legal or representative authority.

They'll take you report.

Period. They are an urban legend and will not do anything for you.


Exactly! I received a response back from BBB that they do not get involved in store policy ...so lame