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Every person that I have encountered from the store level, district manager, customer service, to the Corporate Level have lied to me every time that I have called. Corporate was supposed to call me but they just pushed it back to customer service who can NOT handle my issue.

The store manager to me that they didn't even have the Corporate phone number.

This really made me angry because it was an insult of my intelligence. I have been a retail manager and I had every Corporate number available.

Original review posted by user Jun 02, 2016

On 2/01/2016, I purchased a Philips 49" 1080P Smart TV with a 5 yr extended warranty. After everything was said & done, my 90 balance was $587.43.

As of April 30th I had paid all but $171.86. I called on May 1st to pay it off so it didn't go over the 90 day deal but no one answered the phone. I called the customer service line the day & explained to them what happened. They gave me a ticket# & said they would have Chris, district manager, to call me.

My wait begins...after not hearing from Chris for days I called back and finally Chris return my call. I was told that he would have the store manager call me which again did not happen. Throughout the month of May I have called and called and gotten a different ticket number and again Chris has said I'll have the store manager call you. Over the month of May Chris has probably told me about 15 to 20 times that he would have the store manager called me and I have yet to hear from the store manager.

I finally got ahold of the store manager myself on June 1st. The store manager basically blew smoke up my butt nothing he could do that my balance is now $388 and some change because it has been over the 90 days. It is their fault that it went over the 90 days not mine. The store manager informed me he could not do anything about it nor could Chris the district manager.

The store manager, James, said that they could not change anything that it would have to go to corporate. That corporate was the only ones they could change anything. So I proceeded to ask him for corporate's number. At that time he told me that they didn't have access to corporates number.

Come on really they believe that the customers are that *** that we would believe but they cannot contact corporate. This really made me angry because he has now insulted my intelligence on top of all the lies and aggravation that I have went through over the last month. I have paid double payments and everything else to get my television paid before the 90 days and now Acceptance Now is trying to screw me out of money that they don't deserve.

I truly believe that they are one of the biggest scams out there today. They will not ever tell you the truth!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Philips 49pfl4609 Tv.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Acceptance Now Cons: Being lied to, Unprofession loan advisor, Not being told about the hidden fee, Fraud oriented 90 day policy, Corporate not returning my call as promised.

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Hi there, I work for Acceptance Now. We definitely want to make sure your concerns are properly addressed.

Please give our customer service team a call back at 1-800-422-8186 and they can help you get in touch with the correct people.


I contacted them yesterday and I was told that John Paul, regional manager, was going to contact me today. Well, SURPRISE!!!

Another LIE!! James, the store manager, called me yesterday and basically belittled my intelligence by talking to me like a child. I had parents but unfortunately they have both passed but I am NOT looking for a replacement parent so he need not call me again. I was told someone from CORPORATE was going to call me but of course another lie!!

CORPORATE just shoveled it down hill to customer service that can't help me. All they can do is give me ticket numbers. I have about 3 now.

Because no one has the wherewithal to follow there with their job. I am talking about on the CORPORATE LEVEL not customer service because their hands are tied in my case.


I contacted customer service several times after the comment was posted above and never got anywhere. They are the BIGGEST RIP-OFFS I have ever saw.

I just wanted to pay off my tv but they still want to milk me for every penny that they can. I have still been trying to get it resolved to no avail. They don't even give you the option to see your account. All you get to see when you log in is the payment amount for that month.

So you can pay on it for 5 yrs and they can say you still owe them. What the heck??!!

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