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The program gives you 3 months at no interest of the product; I brought a $799 laptop @ $122 a month. I successfully paid it down to $433; at this point they gave me an option to pay it completely off or tax the interest. Granted, I had no idea of the interest because it isn't a set percent of the device but it hiked my system back almost $200+ due to the past interest. I am not to happy but I am not about to bash the process; I went in without credit whatsoever and got a laptop, my goal was and is to rebuild my credit. Unable to get credit cards you go with what you can, not if you are going to whine and demand from other what do you really expect as a response.

I talked with a rep about my laptop and got a clear understanding of what goes towards the interest and it sucks but without checking credit it is a legalized loan shark and useful if planned accordingly by the guppy and they don't break body parts or rob you and then still want the due amount. They could sue for the due amount as well and defamation to their business for those that state they are robbing them; laws are firmly set for these practices which is way there aren't many sharks left.

I never expect something for nothing, if I went on craigslist I had a shot of having a laptop that was made into an apartment for mites or have only a set amount of time to pay off on lay-away and risk your money being gone from those practices.

I don't like loan sharks giving out no interest loans and fatal deadlines but I like the fact of getting my credit back online, a lay-away and loan practices are based off that old business type minus the death toll; this does report on the credit reports as they stated and with on time payments it can and will increase the score from its end as they stated.

Granted I will be paying roughly double for the product, the goal was not to obtain a new product with a benefit of the doubt policy and not expect to have to pay more than a person with excellent credit and have a year to knock off the same laptop without interest.

If you had more to pay towards the item you should've asked them where you could send the payment or saved up to buy the item; I am certain they do have a billing department and I am certain someone would've said they took their money.

If there is anyone preying on the weak it's these sites opening doors for "poor-me's" to sulk rather taking action and building a fund to help them get out of their strife because granted there are those who live pay to pay, I know there are those that live above their means and jumps into pity parties.

I say for all you that want something for nothing, go to anyone that is whining on this site and ask them for a loan for something you want; mark it at $600+ and see what they say, you want rude or shady practices, I am going to bet you'll find out and if lucky one that won't come after your family because you missed a $60 payment.

Have a great day; check for gas leaks before getting hot-headed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asus Laptop.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Acceptance Now Pros: Good customer service, Same day response, Reported on credit reports as advertised.

Acceptance Now Cons: Time frame to pay off items, Interest amount.

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