Overland Park, Kansas
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Buyer beware this is tje worst company i have ever delt with and also I Am Military .Hey folks (Military) ddon't be so eager to get financed from this company they are dishonest liars i asked for a refund because of poor customer service i never got the furniture i got the run around from them for a whole entire month and i still have not received my cash and by the way Acceptance is every where u don't want them America Signature Furniture Rooms to go and several other Retailers so again i say buyer be aware military single moms and Dads if you r trying to get on your feet Do not go this route they are a rip off and the CCorporate office will not even call u to address the problem , that's my opinion remember one thing they are also Rent a center what out for the names buyer be ware

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We’d really like to speak with you about your concerns with Acceptance Now and look into your furniture situation.

Would you mind giving our Customer Care team a call at 1-800-422-8186, when you get the chance? Thank you.

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