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I recently got aproved for a $2,000 line of credit through a company called acceptance, who is just basically in charge of the financing for a Sears outlet store in Gravois Bluffs in Fenton Missouri. So I accepted and bought a 3-piece sectional from American and on a $600 mattress let's just say.

So taking the furniture home after these guys basically just threw it in the back of the truck (sears warehouse staff), I mean pillows fell out of the half *** plastic wrap, and vouch cusions too. The ground was wet and snowy and they still did not care, so come to find out after I get home and unload the furniture, i I find out that the couch is broken so I then called store to report this and no body was there to speak with about it at that time. I called and called and they just really didn't want to do too much for me so I then knew that I had to go confront whoever to take care of this face 2 face. I spoke with a manager and he too did not want to do anything for me by this time I'm getting pretty ticked off and I think he was realizing that and then he came to his sdeliv and then he told me he would set up a schedule date to have a second couch delivered.

So two weeks go by maybe even 3 and I received a call Friday night tonight before saying that they would be here from 12 to 2 o'clock, and they showed sbout that time and dropped off the second couch. Once again I unwrap furniture 4 only to find another broken couch. The delivery service did not want anything to do with unwrapping it or helping me put it together so of course I took it upon myself to do so and I was really really frantic at this point. I immediately called the driver from whoever delivered it to me, and then i called Sears Outlet store and spoke with the same manager that I've spoken with in the past and he did not want to do absolutely nothing for me, I then told them guys to cancel my contract and come get the stuff out of my house cuz I was so ticked off at the way that they were treating me it was no acknowledgement of the grief that I've been through we're going on a month here the bill is due and I still don't have my merchandise other than my mattress.

I told Sears to cancel my contract and they told me I had to go to acceptance about this. I have made hundreds of phone calls back and forth to Sears and to acceptance nobody wants to do anything but tell me I am the one breaking it that they're not going to cancel the contract that I am committing a felony withholding their merchandise the list goes on and on and on of slander and false accusations towards the customer which would be me. This is been an ongoing situation with these two companies that I wish I never ever would have even walk in that store this has been the worst business experience I have ever ever been through and I can hardly ever imagine. I forgot to mention that there was an incident where they were supposed to show up one weekend with the couch and they didn't even show up nor did they even call this is been going on for a month and a half maybe even 2 months and I just now received my couch they didn't call me they didn't tell me anything I had to leave work again because of a recording notify me at 9 o'clock at night Friday stating that my delivery was coming through on Saturday.

I have dealt with the most low class and unprofessional salesman, office, warehouse, and upper mangement and even corporate staff that i could ever imagine. So all I want out of this *** agreement deal slash experience that I've been through it's for my contract to start that day I received my merchandise which would be today second bill is due I want my 90 days to start over today, if that cannot happen there will be no contract cuz i will break our contract and let my staff of attorneys handle the rest of this and consumer law Court. Now being that I am the customer and all of this *** that I have been through for last 2 months I don't think that is too much to ask as a matter of fact I don't think that's nothing to ask from all this nonsense I think anybody as a consumer and anyone who respects and honors customer satisfaction would have already done this for me and then some. I demand my 90 days same as cash to start today since this is the first day I have the merchandise that I agreed to finance, or I will stop this contract I will stop my business and I will see you guys in court with my attorneys.

That is not asking for anything but common sense and common courtesy and the most important customer satisfaction because there has been none not even at this point this whole situation makes my blood boil in the way that this staff acceptance and Sears talk to me was unbelievable not to mention that the cheap *** bastards blamed me on Breaking the couches....... like I said I've never been treated so *** in my life and I have never ever had to go through this with any company other than Sears and acceptance now.

I wish I sure would have read the reviews before I chosen to make this huge mistake by going to acceptance now and fears because all of those reviews sound exactly like the same *** experience I am having I want something done about this ASAP this must be at least the 10th letter is sent and I sure as *** can't tell you how many hundreds of phone calls I've made. This is not customer satisfaction, and it's definitely not acceptable so how the *** do you call yourself Acceptance Now in Sears you guys are just as bad if not worse do something about this!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We'd really like to learn more about your concerns and see if there is anything we can do to turn your experience around.

Please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-422-8186. Thank you.


Still waiting since that letter was wrote (3 days ago), this is exactly how you operate.... Unacceptable.

You should of named your low class,unprofessional practicing business that UNACCETABLE NOW...

because every act of buskness that was experienced has been very unacceptable. The local news will be my next complaint, mahbe you will review it there.

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