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I went and finance a bed at rooms to go in the sawgrass Mall on Sunday. I was told I was approved through acceptance for $1400 I went and finance a bed at rooms to go in the sawgrass Mall on Sunday.

I was told I was approved through acceptance for $1400 and put $338 down.

Left had it scheduled for delivery on Friday. I missed 2 calls from them on (Friday)today the day of delivery because I was at work so I called them back an hour later and BARBARA and Gordina say they verified my employment and tell me that was fine but my 3 references have not called them back all week and were unable to leaves messages so I said weird but ok can I have them call u and they said yes. 2 out of the 3 call them back immediately. So I tell them that I have to wait till the 3rd got off work to call for the last reference.

They say well we are cancelling the delivery until then and you will have to wait about 7 more days more days. My 2 references said they never got a call or left a message for them a week ago but Barbara she may have gotten distracted or forgot to leave a message asking for everyone That if i didn't like it oh well no one is higher than them her and they just want to cancel my account after everything they did not want my business and refunded me my money. I have attached the app where she call 2 times today on delivery day and left no message. How unprofessional liars and the worst customer service ever.

They were to telling me that I never answer my phone and can't leave me a message so I said why did you not call my work I left that number for you. I checked my app and told them the only call I have was from today said this is me and there is no one over me and if you don't like it oh welll

I was was frustrated I even tried to apologize because I was in tears that my girls had no bed to sleep on tonight since we had taken it the mattress and paid someone to put it in storage storage thinking we would have a delivery.

And now we have nothing. Attached you will the only two times they called did not leave a measage

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I called the police, i will be taking them to court. Everything i have is recorded and someone will be going to jail .

You should think twice before u do bad business. You cant play with everyone. Scammers deserves to be in jail. And i wont stop until i get justice.

You wont steal ppls money by lieing.and youre not as smart as you thought u were by thinking you can scam ppl out of there hard earned money. You scam some & others WILL NOT allow you to get away with this .

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