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I had a situation where my ex GF filed a restraining order on me so I couldn't take my furniture when I moved out. I won the case and the restraining order was dropped.

But she will not give me my furniture. The lease is in my name and I have called Acceptance now several time to the point they know me when I call. I have asked for help and they won't help get my furniture back but I'm required to pay for it. So I told them several times to come get the furniture.

They won't. But they have no problem calling and threatening me every month when I refuse to pay. I am current and want my furniture and would even pay for it if they would help me.

Instead they just want to threaten me with prosecution for not paying. I'm happy with the furniture in just not happy with the lack of support and threats.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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@Kings6146 please don't take offense to my comment. I realize you already feel as though you're being punished & everyone's against you.

Because that's certainly how I would feel. A store is not in the repo business. For example: you purchase an engagement ring with a credit card. You break up & she won't return the ring.

The credit card company isn't going to send somebody out to repo the ring. That's your job to go to court and have the judge sign an order to return the ring. It's the same with furniture. Regardless of where you left the merchandise .

Your still responsible to pay the bill or return the merchandise. About the only property that gets repoed are big ticket items. Such as , cars , houses , boats etc... how could a business make any money if the spend it on lawyers , courts & marshal services.

So what I'm saying is that a court can order her to be responsible for the bill or return it the business your buying or renting the furniture from. In the mean time the creditor will report your account to a collection agency and reflect a negative on your credit report. Good luck with everything. Maybe you can come back & post an update on how this turns out.

Here's a thought. Take her to judge Judy. She can solve this problem. Plus the show pays you for your appearance on this show.

The party who wins the case gets paid the most.

The show pays for your airfare and hotel expenses.

Take care , Nancy

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