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Went to rooms to go in Mid Feb to purchase a sofa and chair (cash). I ended up paying cash for the sofa and financed the chair through RAC finance on 90 days same as cash because I thought this was a perfect chance to have some on time positive payments on my credit. I wanted to simply pay it off the very next month. However the rep suggested that I make all 3 payments each month because they do not report to the bureaus until that 2nd payment is made.

From there, the rep asked me if I wanted my payments set for the 30th (first payment due on Feb 28) or set them up for the 15th (first payment due on March 15). I said 30th. When I received the paperwork, my payments were set up for the 15th. I asked why and the rep said, “oh I went ahead and set them up for the 15th that way, you will have more time to make your first payment.” I made a payment in March, April and May. Called Acceptance Now today and was just told that I am not paid in full because my 90 days was up on May 9….

According to the person on the phone…. She is the manager, she will not Retro, she will not let me speak to her manager and she will not give me the corp phone number. I’m a tad bit upset and taken advantage of right now because I feel like the rep completely got over on me. If she knew that I want 90 days same as cash and I kept stressing that, why would she set my payments up in a way that I will have to pay back interest. I also think that it was extra foul for her to insist that I set them up that way. Maybe she will get to pocket the back interest or perhaps she doesn’t earn credit with no interest accounts… IDK, but it is quite shady.

You would think that they would have the customer’s best interest at heart and treat them right. That’s the best way to get a repeat customer. I mean, had I been the rep, I’d say, “well mam in order for you to get the 90 days same as cash, you should not use the 15th because your 90 is up on May 9”

I thought the 90 days same as cash was a great deal and I was prepared to purchase a mattress and dresser for my three year old through them after the chair was paid for. Looks like using them is a bad idea and I should stay away.

I’m currently awaiting a call back from a district Manager. Hopefully they understand my frustration and help. I really wish my whole contract process would have been recorded.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Retro.

Acceptance Now Pros: Rooms to go salesman.

Acceptance Now Cons: Mislead, Payment arrangements, Due dates.

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Hello! I work with Acceptance Now!

This isn't what we like to hear, and we want to make sure you are helped and get this resolved! We’d really like to get in touch with you personally and see if there is anything we can do to help.

Please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186 as soon as you get a chance. Thanks!


RAC acceptance suck!!


If you call the "coworkers" will just hang up on you. The whole company is a joke.


liars they ripped me an my wife off to with the 90days same as cash be bought a sectional sofa for 1900 dollars after taxes and whatever else the amount was just over 2500 dollars we paid 264 dollars down and the remainder was 2100 dollars. 2500-264-300-300= 1636 not sure how they were still over 2100 dollars Foocking Crooks.

We were already taxed on the purchase but they continued to tax the 2100 dollars every month plus they added on a fee of 35 dollars for some insurance we didn't authorize so after the first 2 payments I made I noticed the balance was still around 2100 dollars!!!! what the ***!!! I ended up paying it off on the last day of the contract.

I will say there was an extra 600 dollars made by acceptance now on this deal!!!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE OR ACCEPTANCE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

90 DAYS SAME AS CASH MY ***!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm in agreement with you. I was never told about the "insurance" I was billed for with my payment.

I'm going to the bank and having the automatic withdraw payments stopped and I'll walk the oayment in. Pissed Consumer

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