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Went to rooms to go in Mid Feb to purchase a sofa and chair (cash). I ended up paying cash for the sofa and financed the chair through RAC finance on 90 days same as cash because I thought this was a perfect chance to have some on time positive payments on my credit. I wanted to simply pay it off the very next month. However the rep suggested that I make all 3 payments each month because they do not report to the bureaus until that 2nd payment is made.

From there, the rep asked me if I wanted my payments set for the 30th (first payment due on Feb 28) or set them up for the 15th (first payment due on March 15). I said 30th. When I received the paperwork, my payments were set up for the 15th. I asked why and the rep said, “oh I went ahead and set them up for the 15th that way, you will have more time to make your first payment.” I made a payment in March, April and May. Called Acceptance Now today and was just told that I am not paid in full because my 90 days was up on May 9….

According to the person on the phone…. She is the manager, she will not Retro, she will not let me speak to her manager and she will not give me the corp phone number. I’m a tad bit upset and taken advantage of right now because I feel like the rep completely got over on me. If she knew that I want 90 days same as cash and I kept stressing that, why would she set my payments up in a way that I will have to pay back interest. I also think that it was extra foul for her to insist that I set them up that way. Maybe she will get to pocket the back interest or perhaps she doesn’t earn credit with no interest accounts… IDK, but it is quite shady.

You would think that they would have the customer’s best interest at heart and treat them right. That’s the best way to get a repeat customer. I mean, had I been the rep, I’d say, “well mam in order for you to get the 90 days same as cash, you should not use the 15th because your 90 is up on May 9”

I thought the 90 days same as cash was a great deal and I was prepared to purchase a mattress and dresser for my three year old through them after the chair was paid for. Looks like using them is a bad idea and I should stay away.

I’m currently awaiting a call back from a district Manager. Hopefully they understand my frustration and help. I really wish my whole contract process would have been recorded.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Retro.

I liked: Rooms to go salesman.

I didn't like: Mislead, Payment arrangements, Due dates.

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to Anonymous #1391347

Maybe you are not understanding or maybe you work for Acceptance Now. These are not deadbeats.

These are people that were given wrong information by Acceptance Now on the payoff dates and /or their payments were refused right up to the 90 day payoff deadline. They are already upset , how about saving the insults and not adding to their injury? Just because it’s not you this time doesn’t mean it won’t be you or someone close to you next time.

There obviously is an issue with the company, and this will be public information soon. So glad you don’t have to worry about picking sides.

to Nursepampam #1462745

I was told 280 a month went to make a payment and was told almost 400, they can come and take wrong *** back even. we paid for a power base with message and wave all we got is raise the head and feet .

to Anonymous #1601272

Rent to own and leasing has been a capitalistic overcharging scam since it's inception... always has been basically free money for the companies...

have I leased something?... have I overpaid?... absolutely. Have I been screwed by it...

yes... When a company targets a certain marketshare, and because of there situations forces them to overpay in a way that is detrimental to the customer, that is without a doubt predatory marketing at its best. Refering to them as habitual deadbeats is the kind of ignorant and unethical behavior that these companies have become famous for.

Customers are the centerpoint of business and when you disrespect them verbally or financially you get what you deserve; whether the lost business or a lawsuit because of lack of business best practices. At some point the prey is victorious over the predator.

to Anonymous #1653068

I have had 2 accounts that have been paid off with 90 days. The 1st time,the COMPANY started out being dishonest and I thought I got myself into a unresolveable mess.

The kinks were resolved and everything was ok after that. They DO play games and mislead to make money off you! I got involved with financing my furniture so that I could build my credit, in which it did! AND it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the money to pay.

I had the TOTAL amount of money to pay the furniture put away, so that I could my bill off, but my whole entire purpose was to BUILD my credit! So for YOU to make such an inflammatory statement, goes to show that YOU’RE the LOW LIFE and TOTALLY ignorant to assume that you have people figured out! Everybody who finance furniture DOES NOT have bad credit and just because one has not so great credit doesn’t mean mean they’re *** You don’t know WHAT may have caused the issue.

Sometimes illness, death, divorce or fraud can do it, so carry on Acceptance Now employee!!! Share this with your co-workers!

to Anonymous #1387884

It is terrible .I wanted to pay off yesterday after already making a payment when sbe told me my balance would be a 120 dollars mkre and sbe said you cant make anotber payment today to pay it off because your payment was already made.They are horrible .So my cousin is an sttorney and he is on it .

to Anonymous #1435086

I really would like to file a class action lawsuit against them.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1274235




Accokeek, Maryland, United States #1271497

So I got a 2 bed set a chair set and a table......I recently call them to take them Furniture back because it's not worth it my question is does anyone know if it will affect my credit?

to Anonymous #1460057


Bridgeport, West Virginia, United States #1250318

I was screwed with the 90 days same as cash thing too. We played off before the 90 days was up thinking we were going to get money back or something but NOT.

I forget how much we paid extra but we paid rental fees and interest for the 90 day period. I thought 90 days same as cash meant it would be the same price as it would have been if I had paid for it upfront.

to Anonymous #1384442

In other words, YOU failed to meet the terms of the offer but that's all THEIR fault, right? Another high quality winner here!!!

to Anonymous #1510065

It seems as if Anonymous works for Acceptance Now. And what a shame to represent your company with such an uncouth attitude.

to Anonymous #1545185

Yes, it seems as though Anonymous does work for Acceptance Now.... I mean who else would come to this site and try to degrade customers with legit complaints.

This is a review board (so who’s the real high quality winner).

If and only IF you are an employee; If YOU would put as much effort into your customer service as YOU put into trying to make customers feel like idiots YOU might have something. Thanks for all the reviews and heads up from the REAL HIGH QUALITY WINNERs because you have prevented me from becoming another pissed customer...

to Anonymous #1596282

You are a real loser

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #1112623

Update: my issue was never resolved. I ended up paying these folks off early when they started demanding double payments when I wanted to pay 2-3 days late.

I'd always refuse. Ur not gonna make me pay a payment thats not due yet.

Id also monitor my credit to be sure they don't report me as more than 30 days late. A lot of money spent, but it boosted my credit score significantly which is exactly what I wanted.

to Anon #1161902

Hi, I opened one a couple of months ago it increased by about 50 point I wanted to know how much will it increase after I pay it off


Did this get resolved for you I am having the EXACT same issue right now!


Acceptance Now is such a scam. I have a contract with them in Arkansas and they have been debiting my account monthly for more than my contract amount.


Hello! I work with Acceptance Now!

This isn't what we like to hear, and we want to make sure you are helped and get this resolved! We’d really like to get in touch with you personally and see if there is anything we can do to help.

Please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186 as soon as you get a chance. Thanks!

to Anonymous Auburndale, Florida, United States #1112509

RAC acceptance suck!!

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