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Went to rooms to go in Mid Feb to purchase a sofa and chair (cash). I ended up paying cash for the sofa and financed the chair through RAC finance on 90 days same as cash because I thought this was a perfect chance to have some on time positive payments on my credit. I wanted to simply pay it off the very next month. However the rep suggested that I make all 3 payments each month because they do not report to the bureaus until that 2nd payment is made.

From there, the rep asked me if I wanted my payments set for the 30th (first payment due on Feb 28) or set them up for the 15th (first payment due on March 15). I said 30th. When I received the paperwork, my payments were set up for the 15th. I asked why and the rep said, “oh I went ahead and set them up for the 15th that way, you will have more time to make your first payment.” I made a payment in March, April and May. Called Acceptance Now today and was just told that I am not paid in full because my 90 days was up on May 9….

According to the person on the phone…. She is the manager, she will not Retro, she will not let me speak to her manager and she will not give me the corp phone number. I’m a tad bit upset and taken advantage of right now because I feel like the rep completely got over on me. If she knew that I want 90 days same as cash and I kept stressing that, why would she set my payments up in a way that I will have to pay back interest. I also think that it was extra foul for her to insist that I set them up that way. Maybe she will get to pocket the back interest or perhaps she doesn’t earn credit with no interest accounts… IDK, but it is quite shady.

You would think that they would have the customer’s best interest at heart and treat them right. That’s the best way to get a repeat customer. I mean, had I been the rep, I’d say, “well mam in order for you to get the 90 days same as cash, you should not use the 15th because your 90 is up on May 9”

I thought the 90 days same as cash was a great deal and I was prepared to purchase a mattress and dresser for my three year old through them after the chair was paid for. Looks like using them is a bad idea and I should stay away.

I’m currently awaiting a call back from a district Manager. Hopefully they understand my frustration and help. I really wish my whole contract process would have been recorded.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Retro.

Acceptance Now Pros: Rooms to go salesman.

Acceptance Now Cons: Mislead, Payment arrangements, Due dates.

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Yaaay! Good for you!

I hope yoir issue gets taken care of. They told me nothing of the "club plan" and I did not sign up for it,but I'm being charged for it. I lost my job and let them know when my 2nd payment was due. No more nice people, I'm being treated poorly.

I do hope you post an update with your issue.

Id love to hear what happens. Not happy consumer


Being a paralegal, is there any way a class action suit can be filed? Im quite sure many would sign up. Not sure who to go about it, but surely you know.


What kind of paralegal could you be if you don't understand a basic concept like you have to pay things off during a promo period or you're in deep kimchi? I truly hope all you do is answer the phone and take papers someone else created to the courthouse to file.

No one with 1/10 of a legal brain wouldn't understand such a simple concept. To make you look sillier, you move on to a side complaint and try to act like that's a reason for not doing what you said.

Folks who don't have sense that fell for this mess are just here to be with a group of others like them For those who are thinking of trading with this or any other company, be sure to know what you're signing. Ask a lot of questions and be ready to leave that lovely bed and nightstand where it is and walk out of the store.


Yes let’s. I don’t know how these establishment are even up and running. I don’t know how this is even legal to charge triple the amount of what people have purchased...


Not interest , a rent/lease to own contract with an option to purchase its more expensive because of the RISK factor they deal with usually bottom of barrel customers have already burned regular credit options !


Wow some paralegal ... did you ever consider reading the contract before signing ? Sounds more like “TROLLING “ for a case for your firm !


The damage to your furniture is the responsibility of the people that sold it to you. Technically, Acceptance Now acts like a customer of that store and buys the merchandise on your behalf.

All merchandise has a standard manufacturers warranty and if you contact Acceptance Now they should go through the host store to correct the situation. Yes, I work for Acceptance Now. No, I'm not a bad person. In fact, I explain the terms, highlight the 90th day and encourage my customers to set an alarm in their phones to make sure they pay their remainder that day, should that be their goal.

I've also taken my customers step by step through their credit accounts and given them advice on how to fix it in my down time. The company is not all bad.


Thanks for these reviews. I feel like I dodged a bullet.


You did dude


I’m sorry this happened to you. I was actually told by the Acceptance Now employee that if you pay the “lease” off in 90 days their company does not make any money.

In my case they will walk away with $4000 profit if I don’t pay within the 90 days. I’m going to pay off the rest of my loan today l( I’m still within the 90 days).

They refused to take more than 4 payments Friday. Only this time I’m involving the media.


Good for you!!! Expose them!

People like myself, not perfect credit, get sucked into places like this because they claim to offer "90 days same as cash" and its a scam.

I hope your issue goes well. Unhappy consumer


90 days same as cash isn't a scam to those who know how deals like this work and actually have the means to pay it off within the 90 days. Of course, they're hoping you don't have basic financial sense or allow your wants to override your judgment and make money off of you.

They're a for-profit organization..... That's what they do....Make money off foolish people. You, people, found this site, probably through Google. How about using Google to understand how these things work so you don't get "sucked" in.

You didn't get sucked into anything, you walked in there wanting something so bad you would put your name on a piece of paper without Clue One as to what's going on, or you think you'll have the money to pay it off in time or you just won't pay and are made because they keep calling you. This is on you....


How hard is it to count 90 days?


How hard is it not to be a jerk. Your experience is yours. If they are so great then why are you on this site other than to antagonize and be a ***


if you want to know when your 90 days ends grab a calander and count 90 days from the day you sign paperwork. Also read your contract for the day it ends. It is your responsibility to make sure you meet it.


Yes I call for make my first 3 month deal is suppose $330.00 and the rep tell me she can't accept the $330.0o I thinks is a trick for not compliance with the 3 month pay full.


Is there a way we can file a class action lawsuit against this company? They are straight scammers and it's time for something to be done....overly pissed!!!


Oh yes. Another crying, whining deadbeat who just can't stand the consequences they brought upon themselves by not paying on time! Wailing about a class action lawsuit is always a dead giveaway of the low class of habitual deadbeats you're dealing with!


Maybe you are not understanding or maybe you work for Acceptance Now. These are not deadbeats.

These are people that were given wrong information by Acceptance Now on the payoff dates and /or their payments were refused right up to the 90 day payoff deadline. They are already upset , how about saving the insults and not adding to their injury? Just because it’s not you this time doesn’t mean it won’t be you or someone close to you next time.

There obviously is an issue with the company, and this will be public information soon. So glad you don’t have to worry about picking sides.


I was told 280 a month went to make a payment and was told almost 400, they can come and take wrong *** back even. we paid for a power base with message and wave all we got is raise the head and feet .

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