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Update by user Jun 18, 2015

SO, they said let us work with you at the solution center... they just wanted the money...

They called my landlord, asking about me.. came to the house... it is just that I paid close to $2000.00 which is more than it is worth... then on top of that I have the documents showing what she wrote and said about the whole deal.

How the furniture would cost 2400.00 but they would show to the credit folks that $7,000.00 was paid. It is all written out in her handwriting. I bought my furniture at Connollys in Fremont, CA....

NOW, Ashley furniture has it... OH BY THE WAY now Sears is using Acceptance Now (rent-a-center) BEWARE

Update by user Dec 08, 2014

12/2/2014 - Now, because of what I stated Jose is trying to call and see what I was told at the beginning and that he was going to call Mehgan to see what she remembers telling me REALLY!!!! RIGHT!!!

then he asked me well, why did you keep paying... I said really!!! I paid you $1,874.00 I asked how much more I owe and I am told another $2,000.00... I said lets do the math...

I paid 208.00 a month for 12 months that equals $2,496.00 a YEAR.... $2,496.00 at a the term I was just told 36months equals $7.488.00 for a bedroom set that cost $1,900.00... REALLY!!! and then I was told I could have paid off the amount of $2,000.00 anytime.

SO, I see only @20.00 is going to the principal so I have only paid 180.00 towards the purchase price of 1900.00.... So, I asked him was he going to give my 1874.00 back Jose: uhhhh no, we can't...It would go against your credit as a charge-off... I said "Then why ask such a *** question?" Jose says: Well ma'am I don't see where they notated that you were upset about he agreement... So, did you ever tell them you were upset?

I told him he needs to do another in-service day with his customer service reps.

He also told me that they just recently added the name RAC to Acceptance now... BUT that RAC is their "SISTER COMPANY" he then wanted to go over the agreement with me I told him I had to go and that I was knew what he was up too!!!

Update by user Dec 08, 2014

I just had to call and see if the number was bogus or what and to document. I called to speak to Jade to see if this was a real...

I was informed he did not know who Jade was! (Strike 1) So, the number I called was the solution center and some guy name Keith who did not know Jade or why they are referring people to call ... (Strike #2) So, it is not like they have this compliant in the system... Starting to wonder if they are just trolling.

HE asked me how he could help me... HE also asked if I was calling in regards to an AcceptanceNOW store... So, after speaking with them and telling them what happened... Keith stated he would give my complaint to Ronald Heisler who is the district manager...

who would call me to see what happened. I think this is so bogus!!!!

Original review posted by user Dec 03, 2014

NEVER ONCE was I told I was renting ANYTHING! if you look at the document...

I am now seeing that I am renting REALLY!!! so misleading.... I bought a bedroom set at Connelly's Furniture in Fremont, CA and I was not told that RAC was rent-a center. I was also told I would not be able to double my payments in order to pay off the bed set with in 6months.

I was told I had to have the whole amount at that time. I was also told that I was being charged taxes (at the same rate of interest) So, I asked her if this was a new way to say interest and she just smiled and told me huhhh, no it is not. (right) any way I have been paying on the bed 208.00 since February of 2014... I asked how much I had to owe in October especially since the bed was only 1900.00 I figured at the most another 500 to 700.00 NOPE I was told I still owed over 2,000 dollars for a bedroom set that cost 1900.00 and that I would have ended up paying 6000.00 after it was all said and done (REALLY).

I have paid to date 1872.00... REALLLY YES have them audit their taxes and everything ELSE... OHHHHHH, here is the kicker!!!

I was told my file was given to Ashley Furniture in Milpitas to handle as a matter of fact they are handling all of Connelly's files... I was not told about interest/TAXES or that it was a Rent a Center finance.

Reason of review: I was lied too about the whole issue... I was never told I was renting and I was lied to about taxes vs interest rates, Payments and the fact that I am seeking an attorney. .

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Acceptance Now Cons: Lies told to me, Exceptionally high lease fees, Customer service, Prices.

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If you can't make double payments, which I could, why not set the aside an double it yourself. Then go to the store an buyout the product?... it's like any other "creditcard" I have figured out...pay monthly never come out on top....set my money to the side an lump sum it out!


Any Rent to own places always overcharge, and Love it when you cant pay and get to REPO and RESELL it. Just the name of the game.

Either dont rent. or be a theif yourself and skip town with the rentals.


Hi, I work with Acceptance Now and can offer some advice. If you believe there has been a miscommunication regarding renting policies or payment clarification, please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186.

We would be happy to speak with you directly, and come to an understanding. Thank you.


Sounds just like what happened to me. I thought that I was buying a table for 1500.00.

While checking my credit it showed that I owed them for 7000.00 dollars it was like I was tricked.

After paying 2000.00 they came and got it then turned it against my credit.said they were acceptance now came out on my bank statement rent a center. The payment was automatically being deducted from my checking account.

I'm suing


I am also talking to an attorney.


It's called RENT a center. You didn't get that?


That is not the name our was under under at the time.

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